Anyone knows if you are planning on opening any kind of public facility that you will need a restroom with both commercial paper towel dispensers and a commercial toilet paper dispenser. For example if you were to open a restaurant, a salon, a consignment boutique or any other business meant for servicing the public a requirement of that building would be a public restroom. There are many commercial paper towel dispensers and also along with those commercial toilet paper dispensers on the market hopefully this article will assist in narrowing the choices based on individual needs.


Commercial Paper Towel Dispensers


There are basically six types of commercial paper towel dispensers. Single-fold, C-fold, multi fold, Commercial Paper Towel Dispensercenter pull, lever action, and touchless. All of these perform the same task only at different capacities. There are many different criteria to consider when choosing the right type of dispenser. Things like how much you want to spend, how often it will be used and what kind of location it will be in. Once these questions are answered then you can make a clear decision and to help with that decision lets take a closer look at the different types of dispensers.


Single-fold, C-fold, and Multi Fold Commercial Paper Towel Dispensers


The single-fold, c-fold, and multi fold are all very similar of course, it is just a matter of what you wouldBobrick B-262 Classic Series Surface-Mounted Paper Towel Dispenser, Satin like the towel to look like as it is dispensed. Some would argue that single-fold dispensers will accommodate more towels and require fewer refills. Each of these commercial paper towel dispensers are easy to refill and can be found as cheap as a dollar ninety nine on


Center Pull Commercial Paper Towel Dispensers


These work exactly like it sounds. The towels are pulled down from the middle of a large roll and dispensed from the bottom. When a towel removed it pulls the next towel out leaving just enough accessible for the next person to remove their towel. The center pull commercial paper towel dispensers are a good choice because they do not require the user to touch the dispenser in any way therefore lessening the spread of bacteria and common illnesses associated with public restrooms.


Lever Action Commercial Paper Towel Dispensers


Lever action commercial paper towel dispensers come in a variety of finishes so that may be more San-Jamar VISION TTD120 Lever Action Roll Paper Towel Dispenserappealing to someone more concerned with aesthetic appearance in their restroom as opposed to functionality. They come in a white finish, stainless steel, and smoked grey. The smoked grey finish is nice in the respect that it is somewhat transparent so manually opening to check for refills is not necessary. These dispensers require hard roll paper towel refills and one of the advantages of this type towel is that some of these refills meet the requirements for the environmental protection agency standard for post-consumer waste. Several are made up of one hundred percent recycled material making them the ultimate choice if you are making your business "green." Some of these towel refills are made by elemental chorine free bleaching so you could rest assured that your customer were not leaving your restroom with the feeling that they just washed with bleach water.


Touchless Commercial Paper Towel Dispensers


Last but not least are the touchless commercial paper towel dispensers. These dispensers are capable of dispensing what ever towel you prefer. A lot of the touchless commercial paper towel dispensers can hold singe fold, c-fold, multi fold, and also hard roll paper towels.

No matter which of these commercial paper towel dispensers you prefer you can find them all fairly easy online at places such as:,, and However, if you still enjoy face to face interactions when purchasing products simply drive over to your local Office Depot.



Commercial Toilet Paper Holders


 Commercial toilet paper holders are an absolute necessity for your public restroom. These dispensers also come in a variety of choices to suit your particular needs or the needs of your target Commercial Toilet Paper Holderconsumer. There are four basic types of commercial toilet paper dispensers which are as follows: the partition mount, recess mounted, single/double roll dispensers, and the surface mount. There are two things to consider when making the decision on which style of commercial toilet paper dispensers to get would be based on where it will be located and also the estimated frequency of use. For example, if the business will have a large flow of public traffic or if the restroom will be available to the public but not necessarily advertised as such. Let's take a closer look at the different types.


Partition Mounted Commercial Toilet Paper Holders


 These toilet paper holders normally have two compartments. These compartments can be used for napkin disposal and for dispensing toilet seat covers. Most of these commercial toilet paper dispensers are equipped for double roll dispensing making frequent refill unnecessary.


Recess Mounted Commercial Toilet Paper Holders


Recess mounted dispensers are ideal when your locating your commercial toilet dispensers in a wall. Bundle-35 Recess Toilet Paper Holder in Satin NickelThese cannot be used between stalls because they are normally deeper than partition mount dispensers. These commercial toilet paper dispensers are also equipped with several compartments for napkin disposal and toilet seat cover storage. Recess mounted dispensers normally dispense single tissue instead of using rolls of toilet paper.


Surface Mount Commercial Toilet Paper Holders


Surface mount dispensers are designed for storing and dispensing sheet tissue. These are recommend for two reason, for one there is a refill indicator on the front of the cabinet, and also most are equipped with a vandal resistant lock to prevent any contamination or tampering. These are designed to store up to seven hundred and fifty double fold tissues or twelve hundred and fifty single fold tissues.


Single/Double Roll Commercial Toilet Paper Holders


Four Roll Standard Toilet Tissue Carousel DispenserThese holders are comparable to something you would find in your own home. They hold rolls of tissue on a swing arm. This dispenser usually has a push button release system to make refilling these dispensers a breeze. Most single/double roll dispensers have a tension spring for controlling the amount of toilet paper delivered to the user. Single roll and double roll dispensers are very economical for a very low traffic volume, however, if you are expecting a very high flow of traffic one of the before mentioned commercial toilet paper dispensers may be the better choice.

These commercial toilet paper dispensers can be found online at several sites including and Office Depot also carries an assortment of different commercial toilet paper dispensers if time is an issue. If you can travel to a local Office Depot to purchase these items that may have several benefits, you will be able to physically see if they will work for your space and also avoid unnecessary freight charges.