When you enjoy a clean and dust free home you will want to get all kinds of cleaning aids. You should also not forget about a commercial vacuum cleaner on this list. Commercial vacuum cleaners are the normal ones that you can get for cleaning your home each week. You don't need to get an industrial one for this, but you should hire an expert to spring clean your carpets at least twice a year to get rid of ingrained dirt and dust mites.

Most of the dirt that you have in your carpets can be cleaned with a conventional vacuum, but there are lots of unseen bugs and pieces of dirt that the vacuum cannot reach. It is not powerful enough to get all the way to the bottom of the carpet and the more you walk on the carpets, the more dirt you trample in.

You can also get all kinds of dust mites and bed bugs from not vacuuming often enough. Even these will escape the commercial vacuum if you are not careful. This is why you should also use a cleaning agent in water and invest in a wet and dry vacuum. This will trap the bugs and not let them escape when you vacuum your carpets and mattress.

If you do not control these bug they can actually cause you to get asthma and in some rare cases TB. This means that you should control your cleaning and be strict about spraying and cleaning your mattresses properly.

You will be surprised that your mattress is the place in your home where the most dust mites live. It is true because when you sleep and shed your dead skin cells, these dust mites thrive. You can easily stop this by doing a regular clean with your commercial vacuum cleaner and a germ killing agent like bleach mixed in water.

When you have lots of carpets in your home it is also a good idea to keep them clean with the commercial vacuum each day, or at least twice a week if you can manage this. It will prevent your carpets from getting too bad. You should also get them professionally cleaned every 6 months and you will see how brand new they look.

It is terrible to suffer with allergies just because of some dirt and dust, and a few bugs. The best way to live a healthier life, is to rather get a tiled home that is easy to clean with a vacuum cleaner, or you should look forward to getting a strong wet and dry commercial vacuum cleaner!