No other architectural or landscaping feature attracts and maintains your attention quite like a water fountain.  There is just something about these water features that will not allow you to ignore their presence.  Many architects take advantage of this attraction by placing commercial water fountains both inside and outside of the buildings and properties they design.  These unique units can be found around commercial properties in courtyards, foyers, corridors, lobbies, as well as, on lawns, decks and in and around swimming pools.

These commercial water fountains are used to create dramatic effects in many of the finest hotels in the world.  As you enter the lobby of a nice hotel, it would be impossible to ignore one of these exquisite features when you are required to walk around it in order to reach your destination.  Just look at almost any hotel in Las Vegas.  They will either have water fountains located in the lobby or quite possibly there and outside as well.  In addition to the grand statement these fountains make, they also serve to help cool the patrons as they wander the expansive properties in around the casinos in one of the hottest cities in the country.

There is no better way to occupy an expansive open space near an office building than through the utilization of a commercial water fountain.  Not only do these fountains provide a focal point for a garden or courtyard area, they also serve to help block out the ambient noise in large cities such as that produced by massive amounts of vehicle and pedestrian traffic.  There is also speculation that the flowing water helps to produce a calming effect on people which can be a definite benefit anywhere large groups of people congregate.

Another great thing about commercial water fountains is that they are available in a wide variety of different styles, sizes, designs, textures, and finishes.  This allows you to easily incorporate one of these great design features into your property no matter the decor you may choose.  Whether your budget requires you to purchase a small wall fountain or floor fountain or allows you to authorize a custom design spanning the entire height of your building, if you can imagine it, you can purchase it or have it made.

If funding is available, lights and sounds can be added to these commercial water fountains and programmed to work in such a way that they are coordinated with the operation of the water feature.  This provides a truly entertaining feature for your property that will be sure to make a long lasting and very positive impression on your visitors and customers.