Commission Junction Reviewed

Commission Junction reviewed is a task I'm taking on for a personal survey. This article will be the first in a series as I begin to implement their advertising programs throughout my web space. This is the introduction to a series that will follow on a monthly basis. Hopefully people can follow my financial progress and compare it to their own experience.

Commission Junction is no newcomer to the affiliate marketing world. I am also not new to this individual company, or Internet marketing. I am going on my 7th year working and writing on line for income. CJ has been a part of this adventure.

Several websites that I built over the past few years have been monetized with Commission Junction clicks. They were primarily shopping sites and for one reason or another I became bored with the templates I had built and abandoned each one after another for more profitable ventures and things with more passive income. Building websites is still a passion, only now I build them to run without me so I can continue my education in marketing full time.

Signing up for CJ is pretty quick and has all the basic info required like most sites. You will need to submit a tax ID and they pay by check or direct deposit. Making the $100.00 payout isn't difficult, as some programs pay as high as a fifty percent affiliate commission.

With thousands of merchant partners within their customer base, Commission Junction has a large market share and encompasses some heavy hitters in the retail world. Large and small vendors to niche companies that sell strictly on line. You choose who to partner with and the stuff you promote can easily fit in with the content for just about any subject.

An easy to use dashboard will help to navigate the get links section and their reports are up to the day. They have analytics within your user panel. This can help to optimize your use of merchant banners and text links by watching their respective numbers and following trends within the results.

You can easily make your customer referrals open in a new window when they click on a banner and this is a good feature with any linking. That way your customer is staying on your page, as well as visiting the intended merchant site.

CJ isn't too fussy where you place the banners, I have used them with traffic exchanges and other advertising sites such as Adlandpro, they offer free classified advertising and you can use HTML in your ads. A perfect place to insert an affiliate banner and let the free ad bring sales.

Internet marketing can be placed on auto pilot. Use the extended dated banners that won't expire and just keep publicly displaying the banner wherever you can get it. Eventually the sales will start to add up and if you get permanent links to your ads then it becomes a nice passive income while you move on to new merchants.

As I said I've been a CJ affiliate for several years but am only now applying them to my passive income plan. I intend to write an updated article once my methods have been applied for one month. I believe this will be a good timespan to see if I can use them within a passive income scenario as well as I have with active on line marketing.

Commission Junction also offers an affiliate program of their own and signing up new users will bring you a commission from their work so once your a member make sure to take the time to find your affiliate link and promote it to the high hills. This action will get other people making money for you.

This is not the only company I work with on line from this area. I have several other affiliate marketing companies with varied formats and income producing methods. You may want to look at a few other articles I've written as I'm passing on each opportunity as I implement them.

Taking a few minutes to at least visit Commission Junction is highly recommended if your trying to earn money on line. They offer at least as good a potential as the rest of the on line marketing community and a great deal of longevity to boot.