Change Brings the BeingCommitment, what a lovely word, it should be since this is the first step to getting over your ex and following the path you were meant to go down. The separation was foretold, and the next part of your life begins. The New Beginning is the most important part of your life; take it one step at a time or actually seven steps as this is just one among the Seven Ways to Get Over Her.

You checked out cardio boot camp as your cardio and stamina were pushed to your max and then surpassed your limit.

Would you have done this, with the cozy lifestyle at home, with your distraction, the girlfriend? No, because she would have stayed with your alpha male self. That being said, who cares anymore, there you go!

Now we are talking about another thing that a lot of males have a problem with, physical combat, some like it too much others run away from it. Face it guys you were not aggressive enough to demonstrate your alpha male rank. You need to become aggressive but not in a negative destructive way.

Physical Combat You need to shed the old self and to do that you must fight. Scared? It's okay to be uncomfortable by this, but the unknown must be discovered. Picture a young boy exiled from the village into the wild forest without anything to help him, he must fend for himself. With discovery of self, like the boy who must discover himself by experiencing the unforgiving unknown, will change yourself in a stressful situation. So, you can only truly change when under pressure because you don't have a choice. This is different than exhaustion in boot camp but to fight for your dominance. When a man is confronted, how we react says who he is. You will either run from this idea or confront it. I am sure you are going to confront it, as you have read this far.

Hyperarousal [is] a state of increased psychological and physiological tension marked by such effects as reduced pain tolerance, anxiety, exaggeration of startle responses, insomnia, fatigue, and accentuation of personality traits (Dorland's Medical Dictionary for Health Consumers).

Next, Changing your pre-programmed response and habits. "Who you want to become, you have to change who you are" (unknown writer).