Commit to change is the theme of this article and to achieve change you need to get out of your comfort zone and do something you might be unsure about doing. Martial arts is a great example of an activity that should take you out of your comfort zone. For the sake of this article we will use Gibson's Pankration. Pankration is a form of physical combat; yes it may seem scary although it doesn't have to be. Read this carefully, anything I tell you to do, I have personally experienced and undertake to share my experience with you.

Gibson's kickboxing and Pankration was a great experience, I felt immediate confidence after the session and had a big smile on my face even while driving home. Deciding that you have choices is liberating. Being liberated pushes you further outside your comfort zone and gives you the confidence to understand who or what you can be. Without passion and closeness with yourself and with someone else, you will always be limited.

Before I attended Gibson's I was excited and nervous; it had been awhile since I last practiced martial arts. Mix Martial Arts (MMA) was something totally different compared to Judo or any other martial arts that exclusively trained one style of fighting. MMA is all martial arts mixed together and how the individual can use it against their opponent. So, let's compare martial arts to your relationship, and realize that your new life doesn't have to be so structured like your relationship was - keeping the girlfriend happy but also having your own fashion to do things. You are able to make it your own, and MMA is like that; you decide at a moment's notice how to attack and defend, and do you care about making your opponent happy?

I got the opportunity to take a class with Mr. Lance Gibson Sr. and what a class it was. Immediately you walk in and you see the gym, the mats, the students and the ring. You take off your shoes at the sign on the floor and you read Mr. Gibson Immediate sign of respect; Respect is both ways and this is taught. I got to go inside The Gibson's Gym and feel firsthand what it was like, a place of choice and a lifestyle. I was greeted not by a scary guy that could rip my head off but by a calm and friendly guy who was humble. I felt relieved and accepted not walking into a cave of a bunch of killers. For warm up, we shadow boxed a bit and I was watching the other guys and imitating their punches, kicks and moves. I don't want to give too much how on how the gym operates as it has its own unique training and methods to make you a better fighter and person, but it was a good experience and a great workout as well.

Now that you are on no longer in a relationship, try almost everything and see what comes out of it. Maybe you try MMA and never compete but you will be a broader minded and more attractive person for knowing and understanding something else that makes you unique. Vis versa, you may compete and I will see you on UFC (Ultimate Fighter Championship) and you will achieve success. Imagine though, if you never attempted; you would have never felt the potential heightened and pure self.

Choice is a man's repertoire, the arsenal to becoming a being who is in the moment of enlightenment; does that makes sense? MMA allows creativity and choice which will mold you into an individual alpha male. Opening up and trying something different is not scary anymore and pulls you to other possibilities; MMA can be comforting when you have a mentor to guide you like Mr. Gibson. Don't limit by the things you are afraid of, take that fear or insecurity and go to Gibson's Gym, it will change your outlook your first day.