Commitment means a pledge to do and that is exactly what I want you to do. You have an obligation to yourself and your future; lets get real, you don't want to sit and wait for her anymore. Something too easy is easily discarded, so are women who are too accessible, but that is the last article. I want you to exceed expectation; you may wind up doing what you have always done and just continue the circle of habit. She left you because of your habits, and were obviously not healthy or exciting. I am going to describe one pledge for you to become a better you.

ResistenceCardio boot camp is where a group of people meet up at a park or a gym; a park is better as the elements make it for a more challenging experience. A trainer will run you through a rigorous multifaceted fitness test that will push the individual's stamina and drive. The reason I promote this is your pledge, your finances and commitment to showing up and again like your relationship, you have to meet someone else's expectations. Remember, you weren't doing anything or enough that your ex found you unattractive in on way or another.

This is the best way I can explain what you will expect after you train in the boot camp, "Get into that favourite old pair of jeans, trim that waist line, build self confidence all while maximizing calorie burn, sculpting lean muscle, and enhancing that cardio endurance. Our outdoor boot camp runs rain or shine in a group setting. Being in a group setting not only promotes teamwork, but positive encouragement for personal achievements." (Trainers Edge Boot Camp)


Participating in boot camp will push your comfort level and this is the key to move on from your relationship. Not only moving on is key but most important is you, you need to become stronger. After a long-term relationship is over, you can be questioning yourself and feel many negative feelings. So now you are at the park and you meet some of the other participants. Imagine how you feel, you show up and you have to run three laps and keep up with everyone else. Imagine how it feels after you have caught your breath you have to run up a hill up and down while doing jumping jacks to pushups but you feel winded and a slight stomachache has taken your attention. "Lets go guys, get up that hill, hey you new guy, you can do it, come on and get up that hill!" is likely what you will hear and motivate you to impress the trainer but be competitive as well.

Picture yourself after three months, an athletic, competitive, happy, and energized individual ready to jump into whatever you want!

Fitness world has a great program with certified personal trainers who are certified to do various levels of fitness from light workouts to boot camp. Check them out and ask for Karen in the Burnaby area, tell her Wilson sent ya!

style ="font-size: 11pt;">Okay, check out the next article that will explain the benefits of kickboxing and similar martial arts that will help you face your fears, learn discipline, and become humble and attractive to the opposite sex.

Sincerely, AskWilson