According to research, the most common cause of automobile accidents is the errors committed by the driver or other people inside the car. However, errors in the car itself are also a threat to the safety of the people. Car manufacturing companies have the standard duty of care they have to uphold which includes keeping their customers safe while using their product.

Before automobiles are sold to the public, their "ability to prevent injuries to the occupants in the event of a collision" is tested; otherwise known as crashworthiness. It is also a way to discover the defects of the car. However, some defective parts remain undetected, thus causing accidents and recalls which mean millions worth of damages. These car parts often acquire defects and have caused a lot of automobile companies some major issues and setbacks.

  • Seatbelt – As primary device that keeps passengers safe, seatbelt defects have taken quite a number of lives over the years. Before, seatbelts are designed to only have center seat lap belt; until it was proven that it only protects the lower torso of the passenger and leaves out the upper unprotected. Even if it has been replaced with the three-point diagonal shoulder belt, latching problems and excessive seatbelt slack still persist.

  • Car seat – The main problem for adult car seats is its seatback's frailty. It should be strong enough to handle the weight of the passenger seated, especially in case of a collision. Car seats for children, on the other hand, should be appropriate for their size, age, and weight, and are installed properly.

  • Airbags – Failure of airbags to activate in the event of a collision will cause serious head injuries to the passengers. If it does inflate, it should have the right firmness for support.

  • Brake – There are a lot of possible reasons why brakes fail to respond. It may be brought about by a mechanic who has handled the car before; worse, there may have been an error during its production.

  • Gas tank – Primary problem with gas tanks is leakage. And as everyone knows, gas is flammable, and leakage makes the car vulnerable to flaming.

  • Tires – Tires come in contact with the rough road, thus causing wear and tear. Once it has worn out, it will be at risk of punctures, blowouts, tread separation, etc. A flat tire may also cause the car to spin out of control.

For manufacturing companies, evading auto defect cases is as easy as making sure that their products are a hundred percent safe to use.