The sight of a UPS or a FedEx truck showing up in front of houses and buildings has become a common sight.

These delivery trucks fulfill the role of personally delivering parcels and packages faster than the usual mail couriers.

However, like their bigger delivery truck counterparts, these delivery trucks have also been involved in many accidents.

These delivery truck accidents are usually caused by the own negligence of the driver.

Most of the time, the cause of the negligence is also same with other trucks, which is trying to meet deadlines and keep up with the delivery schedule.

This causes the driver to take more risks while in traffic and in the long run, causes driver fatigue which reduces reaction time in case of emergency.

Some of the most common negligent driver behaviors that cause delivery truck accidents include:

  • Driver of delivery truck forgets to engage parking brake while delivering package. This is most common in downhill and uphill roads. The unmanned moving vehicle can hit parked cars, pedestrians and even hit moving traffic.

  • Driver of delivery truck chooses not to yield before merging into traffic which could cause a collision with other moving vehicles.

  • Driver of delivery truck choose to back up after missing delivery address to save time and avoid having to circle the block again. Delivery trucks also have blind spots and they may not notice other vehicles, bicycles or pedestrians behind them.

UPS and FedEx delivery trucks, like their bigger interstate delivery truck equivalents, are also covered by the Federal Safety Carrier Safety Administration or FMCSA.

The FMCSA regulates the trucking industry by creating and enforcing policies that can reduce the incidence of truck accidents in the United States.

This includes:

  • Requiring drivers to keep a log or record of their hours of service

  • Requiring mandatory rest times especially for trucks that travel interstate.

  • Enforces regulations regarding alcohol and drug consumption by drivers and trucking employees

  • Enforces training requirements for truck drivers.

  • Enforces standards in the maintenance of trucks

If a delivery truck fails to comply with these requirements they can be penalized and even suspended from operating.

Violations of these policies can also be used as proof of the driver or truck operator's negligence in case of a delivery truck accident.

To know more, consult a truck accident expert, personal injury lawyer for more information.