Did you know that children are the most common victims of swimming pool injuries?

In fact, about 350 children are reportedly killed in drowning accidents and more than 2,500 children are treated in US hospitals for swimming pool injuries every year.

These injuries could also have lingering effects to the child like learning disabilities, loss of memory and even brain damage and paralysis.

Some of the most common cause of swimming pool accidents are:

  • Lack of supervision – Did you know that it only takes about 5 minutes for a child to get into a pool unsupervised and drown? You would not believe how many mothers have told doctors that they just took their eyes off their child for a few minutes only to find them in the pool
  • Lack or insufficient barrier – Under California law, if there is a pool in your home; a 4 ft. fence must be erected around it to prevent children from accessing the pool unsupervised.
  • Poor swimming pool design – Some pools do not mark the sudden change of depth and it could lead to a miscalculation by the swimmer and he or she could drown.
  • Defective equipments – Especially those that are electrical; it could lead to electrocution because water is a good conductor for electricity.
  • Drain covers – A swimmer's foot or clothing can get caught in the drain and can lead to drowning.

Your children are the most important people in your lives that's why you care for them the best that you can.

Problem is that people tend to underestimate the dangers of a body of water because the image that swimming pool conveys is fun and family bonding.

To help you keep your children safe, here are some safety tips that you can follow when near a swimming pool:

  • An adult should be always present to supervise children.
  • Introduce your children to the buddy system where they don't swim alone and always have their swimming buddy with them.
  • Choose a resort with lifeguards.
  • Avoid alcohol. Even if you are not swimming, alcohol may limit your ability to supervise your children.
  • Do not use air-filled toys as substitute for personal floatation devices (PFD) or life jackets.
  • Learn to swim; it will come in handy if one of your children ends up drowning.
  • Enroll your children to swimming lessons.

If one of your children sustained swimming pool accident injuries due to the negligence of another person, consult a personal injury lawyer to help you in your case.