Those who have curly hair know that it can be both a blessing and a curse. Some days it is full and fabulous, bouncy and happy. Other days it just hangs there, limp and scraggly. And still other days it turns into a giant crazy afro-esque ball of hair that will seems as if it will never untangle.

Althougcurly hair(133645)Credit: your hair may seem to have a mind of its own, this is not the case...well at least not all of it ;) . There are some easy tricks you can use to keep your hair looking fabulous rain or shine.


The Problem: Frizz

The Solution: Moisture balance. Frizziness occurs when the hair is dryer than its environment. (Which is why it's so frizzy on rainy days!). Your hair is expanding to attempt to collect the moisture from the environment. If your hair is consistently frizzy (even in dry environments) focus on moisturizing hair masks and consider using a leave in conditioner. If your hair is only frizzy in very humid environments then you can apply a lightweight gel to your (wet) hair. This will provide more hold and create a barrier from the moisture.


The Problem: No volume at the crown

The Solution: There are a couple things you can do here. First try applying less (or lighter) moisturizing conditioners near your crown. Another super simple trick is to diffuse your hair upside down, make sure you dry the roots throughly, then flip right side up.


The Problem: Limp, life-less curls

The Solution: Less product. If you have fine curly hair it can easily get weighed down by heavier products. Consider lighter products, or try and go with out, you might find you don't even need them! If that doesn't work, it could just be you have the wrong type of haircut for your hair. Don't fret! It's worth finding a hairstylist who specializes cutting curly hair. A good haircut makes ALL the difference.


The Problem: Good curls on top, straggly ringlets on the bottom.

The Solution: Protein. Chances are the bottom portion of your hair is damaged from heat styling, dying, or rough treatment. The easiest solution is to just to cut it off, but understandably most people wont be up for that. A protein treatment for your hair is a great solution. It will temporarily bind the keratin to repair the damage in your hair and leave you with bouncy happy curls. The results typically only last about a month or so before it will need to be redone. It's also important to note that protein treatments can be very drying, so follow up with a good moisturizing treatment.