Disabilities are health conditions that may cripple someone's capability and bodily functions for an indefinite length of time. There are a lot of reasons why a person gets disabled: it may be due to an accident or the disability may have been a hereditary condition.

Whatever the cause of the disability may be, a California disability lawyer can help people who are confronted with some of the most common issues that are concerned with disabilities.

  • SSDI – SSDI, or Social Security Disability Insurance, is a program managed by the Social Security Administration and funded by an employee through his payroll tax and contributions, so this is only available to disabled people who have worked and paid taxes. Aside from that, there are other qualifications and requirements that should be present to have an SSDI claim approved. A lawyer who handles SSDI claims must also have knowledge in Employment and Labor Laws.

  • SSI – Like SSDI, the Supplemental Security Income is also managed by the SSA. However, the SSI funds came from the US Treasury, and unlike SSDI, it is available to both employed and unemployed people. Those who are applying for SSI must be disabled, blind or at least 65 years old.

  • LTD and STD Insurance – Long-term and short-term disability insurance are policies that award benefits or compensation to employees who acquire any of the said types of disability outside of their job. The workers eligible for LTDI or STDI will depend on the employee's chosen policy or the policy provided by their employer.

  • Car accidents – People who are involved in car accidents may obtain losses and injuries because of it, which may eventually lead to a short-term or a long-term disability. Aside from a personal injury lawyer, a disability lawyer may also help in this case especially in terms of the amount of awarding damages and insurance policies.

  • Medical negligence – Doctors are there to help ease the pain of people who are undergoing a sickness or disability. However, there are cases wherein doctors are the ones who inflicted pain onto their patients. Medical negligence happens when doctors fail to exercise a professional standard of care when tending their patients.

  • Violence and abuse – Believe it or not, violence and abuse toward someone may also lead to disabilities, especially if the abuse is something that was brutal and constantly done for a long time.