With many people trying to earn a living writing content online, grammar mistakes stand out as a clarion call to readers begging the question of the reliability of a person's writing. One of the easiest ways for a writer to lose credibility quickly is to make a lot of grammar mistakes. Here are some of the most common errors in English writers make on the web:

Everyday and Every Day
Every day is used in the context of every single day. For example, my friends and I go to the beach every day. Every day is the first day of the rest of my life.

Everyday, as one word, should be used to modify something as in everyday use, everyday things and everyday clothes.

A lot and Alot
A lot is always two words.

Alot spelled as one word is a common error in English.

There, Their and They're
There is a place and an expletive. As a place, there is used in the context of the books are over there on the desk. The girl is standing over there by the library. As an expletive, there is used as there are and there is. There are many people making common errors in English on the Internet. There is a fly in the kitchen.

Their is a possessive pronoun, so it shows ownership of something. Their money is under the mattress. Their thoughts were positive. Their feelings are valid.

They're is always a contraction for they are. They're going to the movies. They're students who do well in school.

To, Too and Two
To is always a preposition. I went to work. It's easy to make common errors in English. It's easy to grow tomatoes during the summer in my backyard.

Too is an adverb. There are too many people at the mall on hot days. My boss makes too many mistakes. This job is just too much fun.

Two is always a number. There are two birds singing on my porch. I have two dogs. Two men are walking in the park.

Then and Than
Use than to make comparisons. I weigh more than my brother. My mother's cooking is better than any restaurant's food. I wish I were taller than four feet.

Then denotes time. I saw a movie; then I went to dinner. He saw the accident, and then he called the police.

Effect and Affect
Effect is usually a noun. For example, the effect of being out in the sun too much is usually cancer. The cute boy had an effect on me.

Affect is used as a verb and means to influence. Eating a lot of junk food affects a person's health. My bad attitude has affected my grades. Swimming too much affects my skin.

There are many other grammar mistakes on the Internet; however, these are some of the most common English errors. Spruce up your grammar, and you'll increase your credibility as a writer.