With sites such as Infobarrel and ListMyFive, it is a wonder why more people do not take advantage of content writing. Even with the possibility of making hundreds or thousands of dollars a year, many still find excuses for not writing. 

Excuse 1: “I don’t have enough time.”

Really? Did you not just spend three hours watching your favorite Monday night television shows? Reduce your cable package or cancel it all together. It’s amazing how easy it is to live without hundred channels!  Spend your time writing and with your family instead of wasting hours in front of the television, silent, while life passes you by

Many writers do have families, jobs, and other duties that take up most of their time. However, they still find time to compose an article, poem, short story, or blog post. How do they accomplish so much, with so little time?  

Advice: Set up a specific block of time to write as much content as possible every night. You'll quickly see your number of articles increase. If you don't feel like writing, use that block of time to do keyword or content research that you are interested in. 

Excuse 2: “You don’t understand, I have kids.”

Many writers have children, yet still produce content. They experience similar daily stresses and exhausting fights with their teens. Still, articles are posted.  Use it wisely. 

Advice: Take advantage of moments when your children are playing together in the other room or during nap time to write an article or two.  Need inspiration?  You can find thousands of mothers who juggle full time work and  children but still generate passive income from content writing. 

Excuse 3: “I have nothing to write about.”

Write about what you know! Articles are written by normal people, everyday.  We all have knowledge that can help someone else. Use it! 

Do you work in the medical field? Write about advice for new parents, how to make your hospital visit better, or about exciting new technology. There is always something to write about.

Advice: Brainstorm several topics that interest you. Focus on a few that you can really let loose on and start writing! You may learn something that you never knew before. Become the expert on your topic, then challenge yourself with another topic. 

Excuse 4: “It’s Boring.”

I understand.  Writing wasn’t fun when you had to write papers in school, but it seems daunting now. Unfortunately, it can be boring and simply may not be right for you.

If you are still pumped to earn a secondary income, writing can get you paid. Think of content writing as a job, therefore motivating yourself to push the pen to the pad. After all, most people get bored at their job but still do it.  

Advice: Make writing fun, but challenging yourself to perform. Set attainable goals and beat them! 

Excuse 5: “It’s not worth the effort.”

Think of writing like your 401(k).  Sent a little energy on it now, sit back, and watch it pay off.  Many writers find themselves frustrated quickly and give up. 

After a few months, they log back in and see they’ve made $20-$100!  That’s a profit.  Think about it, if you write an article a day and let it just sit for a year – you can generate hundreds or even thousands of dollars. 

Advice: Read InfoBarrel success stories and realize the potential for success. There are success stories on almost every revenue sharing websites that will show you how much income there is to generate. 


Break down your excuses and start writing. Successful writers are constantly publishing relevant material using SEO techniques. Set small goals that you can meet. Meet and exceed your goals and challenge yourself with more. Whether you are writing for a primary income or a long-term passive investment, there are few real excuses for not writing. Just do write it!