Many people find it rather advantageous to indulge in eye exercises to improve vision.  Age has a way of diminishing the functions of our bodies.  As we get older, muscles we don’t use regularly lose their strength and flexibility.  This is as true for eyes as it is for every other organ.  But your eyesight does not have to slip with old age.  Even if you have perfect vision now, you can offer yourself a safeguard that you will not lose your perfect vision in the future.  Here is a list of exercises that will help improve your ability to see, or maintain your already 20/20 sight.

Distant Vision Focus Training

Approximately every half hour or so, locate an object that is off in the distance.  Perhaps you are able to look out a window at a street sign or restaurant marquis.  Focus the image as clearly as you possibly can for 30 seconds at a time.  You don’t need to do it more than once each hour, but it couldn’t hurt.  This exercise is beneficial for preserving your long-range vision.  Eyes that only see things closely develop a comfort zone with objects in close proximity and lose the ability over time to see distant images clearly.

Eyesight Focus Training

Much like the the training in distant vision; with these eye exercises to improve vision, you will select a far off object on which to focus.  The difference, however, is that you will shift your focus from something that is within a few feet from you to the object that is far off.  You can use a pencil or something of the like for this exercise.  Holding the pencil, extend your arm as far as it will go in front of you.  First, focus on the object that is near you for a brief couple of seconds.  Then, focus on your distant object for the same amount of time.

This exercise works best if you use one eye at a time, closing the eye you are not exercising.  Repetition of 20 times or so for each eye should do the trick.  Repeat daily.  This exercise will help your eyes to focus more quickly and clearly.

Increase Blood Flow By Exercising Your Neck

Proper circulation improves many functions of your body, including your eyesight.  Find some effective neck stretching exercises that will not only relieve the tension built up in your neck, but increase blood flow to your eyes, as well.  This will increase circulation of blood to your eyes and improve their strength.

One great neck exercise is simply looking up and down.  When you look up, bring your head as far up as you can while keeping your eyes open; and hold for a few seconds when you are in your highest position.  Proceed to look down, again, as far as your head can go while keeping your eyes open.  This is a great exercise to work the evidence of age out of your neck while improving circulation that will improve your eyesight.

Among eye exercises to improve vision, other eyesight improvement techniques can be found on the internet and there are some very good programs available to improve eyesight naturally.