If you do not enjoy going to the gym, you can still get a workout by having gym machines right in your own home. There are several reasons people do not want to go to a gym. Either you see all the equipment and it seems intimidating, or you think everyone else will already be in great shape and you will feel out of place.

Whatever your reasons are if you want to get in shape you can do it right in the comfort of your home or apartment. Most of the bigger machines that are in a gym are now available in a smaller size that will fit in a small space. A lot can even fold down and stored in a closet if you don't have room to leave the equipment out.

Gym equipment does not have to be a machine. In a gym, you will find benches that have an angle to them. These are used to do abdominal exercises or crunches. You will also see a swiss ball, you see these in many store sold for doing stretches. Any exercise that you do on a bench you can also do on the swiss ball, which is much easier to store than the bench.

The chin up bar that you would see attached to a wall in a gym, is now sold as a small bar that you can place over a door. Cable and pulley machines are usually about twelve feet wide in a gym and now you can get a pilates machine that has resistance cables. You may not get the same tension you would at home but you will get a workout.

A few of the other gym machines that you can get for your home may be a bit bigger than the ones mentioned above but they are still made for your home. Treadmills are now a common site in quite a few homes. For people who want to walk or run but do not want to do so outside the treadmill is perfect. You never have to worry about the weather or the road conditions.

Stationary bikes are still popular and sold in smaller versions for the home. The stair climbers you see at a gym are extremely large but you can buy a small stepping machine for home use. With the home machine you can set the resistance so you can get the same feel of the one in a gym.

You can even buy what is called a total gym that comes equipped with the bench that you can change the incline on. These come with pulleys and weights so you can get your free weight workout and resistance training. The same machine has free weights that you can take off or put on for different weight.  There is also a pec deck, which is the machine that you places your lower arms on and push in for the resistance that will work your chest muscles.

The total gym machines are more expensive and they do take up more room, but you can buy one for your home as long as you have a place to leave it up.