Interior decorating mistakes don't have to be big to make a huge effect on the overall look and feel of a room or living space. Something as subtle as hanging a framed painting a few inches too high can create a disconnection. Knowing what some of these common interior design errors are will help you become a better decorator.

Furniture is Too Big or Too Small
Always remember to measure the spaces in your home where furniture will go before you go shopping for said furniture. This is unfortunately a very common mistake, often simply a result of people forgetting to measure. There's nothing worse than buying a piece of furniture you really like only to come home and realize it doesn't fit your home.

White Walls
White walls are not always a good default choice. For the most part, they are simply boring and dull and add nothing to the design of a room. Color in wall can add a lot if chosen carefully and well. If you're worried that, come selling time, potential buyers might be turned off by color walls, you can always repaint the house before putting it on the market, which is usually a good idea anyway.

Inadequate Lighting
You can have the best color scheme in the world, the perfect interior arrangement and the perfect accent furniture, but if the lighting in the room is bad, you won't be able to see the fruits of your labor. Always keep blinds in your windows so that you have the choice of letting in the sunlight. Keep more than one light source inside, so that you can change the light settings whenever you want.

Art that's too High Up
When you hang artwork up the wall, it should be as close to an average person's eye-level as possible. 60" off the ground is usually a safe bet. When placing art above furniture, don't hang it higher than 10" above the furniture, as doing so will make the art feel disconnected from the rest of the room.

If Everything Matches
If everything in the room matches perfectly, nothing pops out at you and the design feels drab and often too sterile. Coordinate colors as much as you can, but don't try to make sure that everything in a room matches perfectly. This goes for colors as well as accent furniture.

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