Low Light Areas

Adding one of the common low light indoor house plants to your home is a great way to insert a bit of nature into a room, even when there is not a lot of natural light. The look of real house plants make a room feel mor relaxing, and you will find low light plants to work even in rooms you did not think would be an option for live house plants. Here are some of the best options.

Snake Plant

There is no plant easier than a snake plant. Otherwise known as Mother-in-law's tongue, the snake plant is nearly impossible to kill. In fact, the most common thing that will harm the snake plant is to water it too often as this plant needs little water to survive and thrive. The best part about the snake plant is that it simply needs very little light. A snake plant can successfully be grown in a hallway or foyer that gets only indirect light from a small door window. They are easy to keep small or, for the ambitious, planted them into bigger pots will yield a very tall houseplant. Snake plants grow in a very upright way, making them neat and easy to put in tight spots.

Peace Lily

The peace lily is another fine option when looking to a plant for low light areas in the home. Peace lilies will grow nicely as a small plant if you have only a little room, or you ca keep potting them up until they become quite large, but they will keep their bushy shape no matter how big they grow. A peace lily is easy to care for but it does like to be watered at the proper intervals - just when the soil dries out - to keep a pretty leaf. Uneven watering or feeding will lead to some brown spots on the leaves but that is easy to avoid with a good care schedule. As a bonus, the peace lily will bloom if you treat it right, which adds lovely white flowers to your display.

Chinese Evergreen

A Chinese evergreen is very similar to a peace lily in the way it behaves an in appearance, though the leaves tend to have silver or green variegation in them. They will do just fine in a north window and are easy to care for. All that is needed is a routine watering regimen and a Chinese evergreen will last for years with very little light needed.

Heartleaf Philodendron

The heartleaf Philodendron is one of the great classic houseplants ever. This is because it is super easy to grow and because it has a trailing habit it looks fantastic in a handing pot near a window of in the corner of the room. The nice thing about this Philodendron is that it does not need much light at all, so you won't have to use up the space right in front of your window to add this natural trailing houseplant to your home. With Philodendron you just need to offer a supply of water and it will grow and grow. There are few plants easier to start from a cutting, so if you want another one in your home just snip off a few ends and set them in a vase of water until the new roots grow.

Add Some Low Light Indoor House Plants

As you can see you have nice options for adding live plants to your home even if the sun is not shining directly through your windows. Add one of these common low light indoor house plants to your home - no direct sun required.