Let's face it, men are not the snappiest of dressers. Jeans and a tee-shirt have become the suit for the twenty-first century. Sometimes work or other engagements require you to put on garments with actual buttons and shoes that you don't wear on a basketball court. Many men make common fashion mistakes that they can easily avoid. Some should be obvious and others may be more subtle, but it is very important to avoid these common fashion mistakes if you want to be taken seriously in life. Some of the most important fashion tips are below.

Ties – The long and short of it

A tie is a necessary evil for many occupations, but the way you where it says much about you. The tip of the tie should always reach the middle of your belt buckle. Too short and you look like a silent star comedian with a "belly warmer". Too long and you look like a kid who raided his dad's wardrobe. Practice and get it right. It is noticed.

Shiny suits – Fuggedaboutit

Unless you are a member of the mob or a Motown group, leave the shiny suits on the rack. A sleek sharkskin suit may look good while sitting at a poker table in Las Vegas, but leaves you looking like a thug at the board room table.

Trust your pants

Never combine suspenders with a belt. As Henry Fonda's villainous character Frank said in Once Upon a Time In the West: "How can you trust a man who wears both a belt and suspenders? The man can't even trust his own pants."

Short sleeves have limits

It does get hot. Short sleeves are sometimes called for. Short sleeves should never be paired with a tie unless you are the manager of a fast food restaurant and even they look silly. If you must, roll your long sleeves a bit.

Young clothes

Muscle tees and shirts from the local mall's teen stores belong to teens. Dress your age. Just as no one likes to see an older lady in a miniskirt, no one likes to see an older man in hip hugger jeans and a novelty tee. Dress your age. You can still look good and sexy without appearing like you are going through a mid-life crisis.

Novelty anything

No matter how tempting, avoid the temptation of Santa ties, underwear reading "Here's the Beef", T-shirts with "FBI – Female Body Inspector" or any of the millions of other choices in novelty clothing. People will only be laughing at you NOT with you.

Steve UrkelDon't dress for a flood

You are not repairing levees damaged by Hurricane Katrina. Make sure your pants are long enough. The pants should clearly meet the top of your shoes and a bit more to provide a "break" in the leg. Don't let them drag the floor. This not only looks sloppy, but will fray your cuffs. You are not Steve Urkel, so don't dress like a nerd.

These are just some basic rules. There are many others you should take the time to learn. You are an adult. Learn to appreciate and embrace the clothing that comes with the territory.