One of the most common mistakes that new Forex traders are prone to is that they're looking to make quick cash.  Currency trading is a perfectly legitimate way to earn money however it is not a fast way to get rich.  Forex trading takes a lot of patience in order to see good results.

Many traders are looking for the perfect solution in a form of a best Forex system.  The trick is that there is no such system.  You need to be well aware of the market changes and new traits. No strategy will work well during all the possible conditions that exist in the foreign exchange market.

Lack of patience is another thing that is not helpful to newbie Forex traders.  You should always keep in mind that the best strategy is to grow your capital at a slow but steady rate. It would be a bad idea to mortgage your house and bet all that money in one or two Forex trades.

Many traders have a lack of skill in managing money.  This is a huge mistake and it stems from misunderstanding of the risks involved in any kind of financial trading.  You need to be aware of the way probabilities work and how they relate to your chance of winning each of your trades vs. winning majority of trades during a rather long period of time. You also have to employ prudent position sizing rules to lessen the chance of taking a big loss.

Lack of ability to control emotions is another mistake that many people make when they are trading Forex.  You need to remain calm in case you are losing money and in case you are winning.  Losing money is a part of routine when it comes to Forex trading, so you want to be sure that you can cut your losing positions early and without hesitation. It is better to spend your energy on understanding the errors you have made to enter a losing position than to waste it on negative emotions.

Lack of communication with other traders and the broker's support service is another thing that can hold an aspiring Forex trader back.  There is nothing wrong in asking questions or sharing your failures or success with others. In fact, it will help you to avoid committing technical errors in trading and will clear your mind of needless worries, letting you focus on important things.

These are just a few of the mistakes of beginning FX traders.  If you can learn to avoid them, you will be well on your way to making decent amounts of money consistently.