Whether you despite salesmen, or are a used car salesman, there is one undeniable fact in the business world: every single sale begins with some form of advertising, whether it's word of mouth or printed media or the Internet. To make sales, your ad must be seen by targeted potential buyers. It must cause them to also react to the advertising in a positive way. Generally you want your classified ad to persuade the reader to visit your website or store, or to persuade the reader to contact you directly.

While you do want to provide concise information telling the reader about your product or service, you do not want your ad copy to read like a sales letter. Why? In the limited space most free classifieds allow you, you don't have enough space to fully sell your product or service. Your primary goal should be to hook in the reader, and include strong calls to action. If you can lead them to click through to your website, even better. When they contact you directly or visit your website, this is where you will present the appropriate sales material.

The real secret secret is to target your classified ad to the right audience, the potential buyer who is truly interested in your product or service. You will be wasting your time and money if you're not reaching your target audience. There are hundreds of free classifieds<link> ad sites and directories out there, most of which are categorized by products and/or service. Define your target audience and then submit your listing to 4-5 classified sites. The first 4-5 Google search results for "Free classifieds" will receive the majority of traffic, so its best to use these, although it doesn't hurt to submit your listing to more than just 5.

How fast do you scan a list of links? Pay attention and you'll see how quickly you discard links that do not appeal to you or include a strong call to action. Using emotional words along with targeted keywords will make your headlines and ads receive the maximum number of responses.