There are millions of people around the world who want to be able to cure their acne problem so it is no surprise that there is a huge market in supposed cures. However the problem with these cures is that they rarely work – and in some cases they can make the problem worse! There are also a lot of different myths about acne that are difficult to ignore.

Because of the huge amounts of home remedies for acne it can be really hard to differentiate between fact and fiction - hopefully this article will make things clearer for you.

The most widely spread myth about acne is that the more chocolate you eat the worse it will get. While there is some evidence that certain foods make acne worse, chocolate has not been proven to do so at any stage.

However you may find that after eating certain foods you seem to have more acne. If this is the case then it may be possible that the food is making it worse or it may just be a coincidence. Either way it is probably a good idea to avoid that food for a while.

Some people believe that getting a tan will stop acne. In reality all it does is mask acne so it is less easy to see, but in fact you might find that getting a tan can irritate the skin and actually make things worse.

You also have the problem that getting a tan can cause other skin problems so you should definitely not use it as a remedy for acne otherwise you are asking for problems!

You shouldn't think that acne is caused by dirt on the skin either. This is another common myth and many people believe that the more they wash their face the less spots they will have. However, while it is good to keep a certain level or personal hygiene up you shouldn't wash your face too much as it won't help the acne and it may actually make things worse if you do it too much because it causes irritation to the skin.

Acne is not an easy problem to deal with because there is so much conflicting advice available. What we do all know is that the person who is likely to give you the best advice is your doctor or dermatologist so it is them you should speak to first. Remember that if someone tells you a supposed fact about acne make sure you check it up against scientific evidence to see whether it is true or one of the many different myths about acne.