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     So you are finally, FINALLY, walking out of your doctor's office having just been injected with your first dose of testosterone. You can still feel the sting of the needle as you walk down the street and you feel powerful, strong, in control. You can begin to feel the power of the testosterone rushing through your veins and it's more than you expected, because no one really knows what to expect until it's their turn. But what now? What kind of effects are you going to get from the hormone change? The testosterone is very powerful and can change your body considerably, but there are things it cannot do despite the myths surrounding this powerful hormone. So here are some of the myths of the hormone we call testosterone:


  • "Testosterone will make me Bigger"  Testosterone will not make you taller, it will not make your hands and feet bigger nor change your bone structure unless you are lucky enough to start your transition at an early age. If you are starting your transition after you have already gone through puberty then you are probably stuck with the bone structure you have.
  • "Testosterone changes who you are as a person"  The answer is a resounding No. Many transmen fear that they will become someone else and lose touch with who they are.
  • "Testosterone makes you angry" Testosterone does not automatically make you angry or irritable. However having hormone changes happening in your body CAN make you irritable but not everyone becomes angry. There are literally billions of cisgender men swimming in testosterone that are nonviolent people. If you are an angry person in the first place then the hormones may make you angrier, but they do not just make your average person angry automatically. Everyone gets irritated, but not everyone chooses violence. It's up to you how you deal with it.
  • "Testosterone makes you gay" Hormones do not change your sexual orientation in any way shape or form. There are many transwomen who are still attracted to women despite the hormone therapy. Nothing will change your sexual orientation. A few things might bend it a little (wink) but it will never change. Baby you were born this way!
  • "Testosterone makes you promiscuous" The answer is again, No. Testosterone may increase your sex drive that is true, but having a sex drive does not automatically mean you are going to be promiscuous. You could be in a monogamous relationship and have your needs satisfied that way. Your sexual urges should not be dictating to you how you behave, if they are then you might want to consider talking to someone about it. For example if you think your dose is too high or too low then you should be talking to your doctor/endocrinologist about it. The goal is to be comfortable in your body so you can live a normal life so make sure you are in constant communication with your caregivers.
  • "High Doses makes transition faster" If there is too much testosterone in your system your body will convert it to estrogen, actually slowing down your transition and not speeding it up. You man in face increase the size of your breasts from taking too much testosterone!
  • "You will automatically get male pattern balding"  You cannot predict who will get male pattern balding and who will not. There is no way to try to bring it on or prevent it by doing certain things, it will either happen or it will not. Just like the effects of testosterone on a cisgender man.

     You can see that there are many common myths surrounding the hormone testosterone and its effects on Female to Male transsexuals.  Do not listing to rumors and things you hear in the transgender support groups for your information about testosterone. Take anything you hear there with a TON of salt. The only real info you are going to get is from your transgender Doctor and your endocrinologist. They have the scientific data and the years of experience dealing with hormones and their effects.  They can tell you exactly what to expect based on your situation and your genetic heritage. You will not turn into Conan the Barbarian overnight, but you will be changing your body little by little to a point where you are happy in your manhood, and that's where all the guys want to be.

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