There are many common pets often found in our homes. Some of the common amongst them are mice, bed bugs and termites. Let us first talk about the mice and some common pest techniques to control them.

Mice run in our homes, eat food, spoil food, eat away the clothes, torn curtains by chewing them. They transmit parasites and other diseases to humans and other animals. Their nests are built from soft material like grass chewed into small pieces. Some of them are excellent swimmers.

 There are many ways by which we can control mice.  Some common pest control techniques are following we can keep some poison at the place where movements of mice are usual. Another method of mouse trapping is by non-chemical methods like "Rat glue trap”, which is non hazardous as compared to other poisonous chemicals. Using rodenticide is another common method for the slow death of mice. We can also trap mice by putting "Rat Trap" near a mouse nest.

 Another pest found in our homes is bed bugs. Adult Bed Bug looks similar to an apple seed and would be easily located in open space. Bed bugs are flat before feeding but after feeding their body becomes bloaty and rusty brown. Bed bugs are naturally known for their night activities. They are found mostly in beds or under the loose wallpapers or in bed lines or picture frames and at many other places. We can recognize the presence of bed bugs by the marks of blood on the bed sheet or on mattress or by the sweet smell in the room. Bed Bugs can survive for many months without feeding and they live in cracks, pipes and in bed lines.

 The common pest control methods by which we can control bed bugs are: Like other pests, bed bugs can also be controlled by keeping our surroundings clean. Another method of controlling bed bugs is by washing the mattresses and pillow covers in hot water because bed bugs cannot survive in hot conditions, and then keeping them outside on the hot sun. Another common method is by applying some glue or sticky or some jelly like substance on the legs of bed. When bed bugs will walk on these bed legs they would get stick to it and hence they have no wings and cannot fly.

 Termites can build a mound generally of 40 feet. Termites are not pests. They eat away the wood, destroys plants. When they enter our houses and eat away our furniture then we can call them pests. Termites are also called white ants, as they are white in colour. Termites will die if exposed to air for a very long time, that is why they remain in tunnels and remain away from air. Cellulose material like POP is favourite food of termites. Wood flooring is also destroyed by termites and much other furniture in our homes, offices, and restaurants and at many other places are destroyed by termites.  

Common treatment of termites is by putting chemical in the soil to prevent termites entering into the house. Another method is by painting all woody materials with anti termite paint that now available in market.

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