If you are one of many consumers that have had problems with Maytag washers, your specific issue may be fairly common. If you are in the market for a new washing machine, getting in the know about what some of the major issues are with certain brands can help you make a good selection. Online consumer rating sites give shoppers the opportunity weed out those units that are known to be troublesome to their owners.

One of the most common complaints regarding Maytag washer involves issues of mold and mildew. When these are present in the washing machine they are odorous and unpleasant. There can be a foul smell in both the unit itself and in the surrounding areas. In cold water washes it can distribute this less than stellar aroma to delicate fabrics and dark items, making it difficult to get laundry that is clean and fresh smelling.

This usually occurs when the design does not allow for the total drainage of water and stagnant pools begin to cause issues. With front loaders the problem can be easily resolved by leaving the door ajar after the cycle and keeping it so whenever the washer is not in use.

Because consumers normally pay top dollar for their laundry equipment this can be an unsatisfactory solution to an obvious design flaw. There are numerous other remedies however such as flushing the machine periodically with a vinegar and water solution to avoid odors.

There have also been complaints regarding the high efficiency washer. Some consumers says that the units will not spin or rinse if weighted down with common items such as bath towels and jeans. High speed agitation on other units has been labeled as being so high speed that it damages clothing and linens.

Maytag WasherIt is inevitably that every manufacturer of washing machines will get their fair share of complaints. Consumer generally have varied expectations of what their purchases should be, and unrealistic expectations may explain a fair share of commonly reported issues.

There does remain however, reliable information that is available from third party consumer agencies however that allows you to assess product performance history for yourself before making a purchase.

While getting the best deal on a new washer and dry is an obvious goal, it is important to consider the reputation that a manufacturer has in designing working and lasting products. Online resources give you an ideal opportunity to bring security and success to your purchase decision. With a little extra diligence you can save yourself on stress, money and frustration.

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