The appeal of InfoBarrel is that you can simply write articles and ear money, with no out of pocket expenses. This is true, except it will take a lot of effort on your part. You cannot simply write 10 articles and expect to earn a lot of money. The more effort you put forth, the more money you can earn.

Current InfoBarrel members have seen the huge increase in earnings among a handful of writers, and a couple of them are very new to InfoBarrel. What sets them apart earnings wise is their handwork of writing a lot of articles in a short time period and dedicating themselves to SEO strategies and back linking.

The amount of money you can earn writing for InfoBarrel is unlimited, but some of the most common questions are:

  • How long Until I make Money?
  • How many articles do I need to earn $100 a month?
  • What if I don't know much about Search engine optimization?
  • What is back linking??
  • How does writing for other websites increase your earnings on InfoBarrel?
  • What do the top earners on InfoBarrel make?
  • There are many other questions but I have seen these asked more than once about the InfoBarrel platform.

How Long Until I Make Money with InfoBarrel?

The amount of time it takes to see your first click with Adsense varies drastically. It is possible that your very first article will earn you a few cents within a day or 2 of publishing it, but it is also common for new InfoBarrel writers to go a month or more and see no earnings.

We like to say that after about 3 months an article will begin to "age", and that is when you will usually see the earnings pick up some. If you publish one article and quit writing for InfoBarrel it is likely you will never earn a single penny with InfoBarrel.

If on the other hand you come in and write 100 or more article sin your first month you will begin to see some earnings. After a few months of consistently adding new articles you will begin to see your earnings increase a lot more. The more articles you have the more you can earn, usually.

The other strategy that works for many of the top earning people here on InfoBarrel involves writing articles, but focusing on SEO and back linking. When done properly you will begin to see a huge increase in your earnings with InfoBarrel.

Either strategy is fine, but if you want to make a lot of money with InfoBarrel and do it faster than I am, you need to focus on the strategies that are being implemented by members such as Travis_Aitch, x3xsolxdierx3x, and jcmayer777. I have more articles than these writers but they earn much more than I do.

I take the shotgun approach and write a lot of articles with little to no back linking. I write about what I want when I want too. I have over 460 articles and earn an average of .25 -.29 cents per article each month. My earnings average per article is much lower than many of the top earning writers on InfoBarrel, but I am taking the numbers approach. By the time I have 4,000 articles published I will be earning a minimum of a $1,000 each month. If you want to earn $1,000 a month with InfoBarrel but don't want to write 4,000 articles then you should visit the InfoBarrel forum and learn how the top writers are making a lot more money than me with a lesser amount of articles.

How Many Articles Do I Need to earn $100 Per Month?

Again this varies drastically depending on what approach you take to your InfoBarrel articles. If you write like I do then it will take you close to 400 articles to earn $100 per month. If you use SEO and do a lot of back-linking then you may be able to earn that with only 50 articles or even a lesser amount.

If you do not know or fully understand what SEO and back-linking is don't worry about it too much initially. Just get your feet wet by publishing new articles consistently. Each day spend some time on the InfoBarrel forum and you can learn all you need to know about SEO and back-linking. If you have a question about something related to InfoBarrel, the members are more than happy to help out. InfoBarrel has a great community that is very helpful and supportive of each other.

What if I don't Know Much About Search Engine Optimization?

You don't need to. As I stated above simply get your feet wet and begin writing articles and publishing them on InfoBarrel on a regular basis. Once you start building up the number of articles you have you can learn from the InfoBarrel forums how to get more traffic to the articles and increase your earnings. If you keep writing and then begin learning how to properly use SEO tactics, you will earn a lot of money, but it will take a lot of effort on your part.

What is Back-Linking?

Back Linking is where you get other websites to have a link to your article. In theory the more back links you get to a particular article, the more "Authoritative" Google sees your article and it will get ranked higher. A higher ranking in Google means more visitors. If you have a common search term that is used and it pulls up your article on the first page of the Google Search engine results, you will see a lot more traffic. More traffic usually means more people clicking on your Adsense ads, thus increasing your earnings. There are a lot of in-depth discussions about how people back link and how it has helped their earnings. You can learn a lot about back-linking from the InfoBarrel forum.

How does writing for other websites increase your earnings on InfoBarrel?

Many writers here on InfoBarrel use InfoBarrel as the primary website they write for. If you write an article about say, Las Vegas Hotels, and then you publish a similar article on another website and link to your InfoBarrel article, it will provide more "Google" juice. The more times you do this the higher the ranking can be for your website in Google results. If you use SEO and a proper back-linking strategy you could see astronomical increases each month if you do this consistently.

In addition to the backlink "juice", many of the other websites and bookmarking websites you will begin to use will also use a Google Adsense revenue share model, thus enabling you to earn more money overall with Adsense.

What Do the Top Earners make With InfoBarrel?

There are many writers on InfoBarrel who share the amount they make each month with an InfoBarrel earnings article that they publish publically. You can also read some daily earnings discussions at the InfoBarrel forum.

The top earned is currently making over $1,000 each month with InfoBarrel. There are a couple of other writers that are over half-way to the $1,000 mark and their earnings are growing each month. By the end of 2011 there will be numerous writers who are earning at least $500 a month or more with InfoBarrel. InfoBarrel is growing, but one day it will be huge. If you are not signed `up with InfoBarrel then you should start writing today. The sooner you start writing the sooner you can build up your portfolio and get on track to earning $500 or more with InfoBarrel.


If you are interested in writing then give InfoBarrel a chance. Sign up for InfoBarrel and work towards a goal of say 100-150 articles. I am sure that once your earnings begin to increase you will get hooked and want to continue writing. When you have that "AhHa" moment with InfoBarrel, it will send shiver up your spine and give you Goosebumps when you realize that not only can you earn a lot of money with InfoBarrel, but you can do it much sooner than you may of initially thought.