What do bicyclists and pedestrians have in common? Both of them often get involve in accidents. Why? It's because they do not always look on both directions when crossing the street. As a result, they suffer serious injuries and acquire disability due to their negligence.

However, cyclists and pedestrians are not always negligent in crossing streets and intersections. In some cases, the driver is the one who should be blamed for a bike or pedestrian accident. Here are some situations where motorists become liable for an accident:

  • The driver did not notice the crossing bicycle or pedestrian because he was pre-occupied in doing "other" things.
  • The motorist was not following traffic rules.
  • The driver dozed off to sleep.
  • The motorist was under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

If a pedestrian or cyclist was struck by a negligent driver, the latter should be held liable for the damages of the victims. Similarly, if the pedestrian or cyclist was the one responsible for the accident, their medical expenses would not be compensated.

If you love riding your bicycle or strolling around on streets, here are some tips you should consider to avoid getting into a bike or pedestrian accident:

For pedestrians:

  • Stay on the path walk or sidewalk to avoid getting hit by swerving vehicles.
  • Avoid running to prevent slipping.
  • Adhere to traffic rules and regulations. That means you should only cross a street if the traffic lights say so.

For cyclists:

  • Use lights as turning signals especially at night. Lights are very important for bicycles to be recognized by other drivers on the road.
  • Stay away from busy streets and roads. Busy roads often get congested with vehicles. You would not want to ride your bike in such a complicated environment.
  • In some cases, take the entire lane for yourself. Taking the entire lane does not mean you are being arrogant. This is just a way for other drivers to notice you.

If you follow these tips, you would less likely be involved in a bike or pedestrian accident. But just in case a car driver was negligent and struck you while you were crossing, you should seek medical help immediately. Then, hire a lawyer who can help you file an accident claim against the other party.

Bicycles and pedestrian accidents can cause severe injuries to pedestrians and cyclists. But if you consider the tips given above, you would be able to avoid such accidents. If you want more information regarding road and traffic safety, you can consult a Los Angeles personal injury attorney.