Rat smell gives you inconveniences in life. But what if your hot tub does smell like rat? That can definitely seem like a nightmare that you want to get rid of instantly. Unfortunately, you just can't get rid of that smell in a snap.

You have to know whether the odor is really that of a rat or just the by-product of chemicals you are using. The good news is you can prevent this hell of a smell with proper maintenance. Take note that smelly hot tubs are usually caused by cloudy water, irregular maintenance, environmentahot tub coversl issues, improper use sanitizer and other probable cause beyond your imagination.

Some owners want to clean up the smell by masking the odors with fragrances intended for hot tubs and spas. This is not a good way to get rid of the smell. What you failed to know is that you are making the smell worse than ever.

Know the Root Cause of the Spa Odor

To effectively deal with the foul odor, you have to know the cause. There are various ways to know. You have to check the chemical sanitizer you are using.  Chlorine and bromine are considered excellent sanitizers  but they have the tendency to become smelly when nitrogen and chlorine in them combines. The result is the smelly chloramines.

Spa water is shocked to break chlorines and bromines.  Shocking the water using other non-chlorine oxidizer like potassium mono-persulfate helps break down the chemical bonds.
After shocking the water, remove the hot tub cover for about 2 hours. This will pavé way for the waste to gas-off fully. Even if you are not shocking the water, you have to remove the spa cover at least an hour or two to clear the air.

Do not in any way use sanitizers that are not intended for hot tubs and spas. Instead of getting rid of foul smell and bacteria, you will get the worse smell instead. Double shock or even triple shock will do the trick. Remember though to only use spa formulated sanitizers like biguanide.

Regular Sanitizing of Hot Tubs

Not only do you need to regularly sanitize your spa and hot tub, you also have to deeply wipe the spa surfaces like the pillow areas, waterline. Regular wiping can remove the biofilm build-up on your hot tubs.

Regular cleaning includes the filters, inside of the hot tub covers, and other spa accessories like spa cover lifters. Drain your hot tubs regularly to control odors. Get rid of the biofilms that are usually found on every surface of hot tubs, spas and plumbing lines.