Consultative Selling - Even though there are formal definitions, knowing them by the book may not prove to be advantageous as the phrase is simply used to convey to the sales applicant that the employer wants somebody who is not pushy, who is ethical, competent and solves the needs of the client. 


Value Based Selling - Value based selling is a sales technique that focuses on heavily pitching any perceived value that the buyer will see or experience if he or she purchases their product.


Value Based Selling, just like the other sales tactics preaches knowing what the customer wants, a simplistic, but important theory to learn as a younger sales professional. 


Aggressive Selling - There is no real formal word used too frequently in the sales arena that describes a sales approach that is intrusive, quasi unethical and pushy. 


"We don't want used car salesman," is a phrase our sales and marketing staffing firm hears a lot. 


In the end, they are trying to convey one of the golden rules of sales that states that nobody likes to be "sold" because nobody likes to be feel swindled regardless of the amount of the transaction. 


"Chop - Shop" - A chop shop is slang in the sales world for a company that sells no real product, is full of cold-callers and is usually rampant with a lack of ethics. 


A good example can be taken from the movie "Boiler Room."  Brokerage and insurance houses are the most frequently tagged business institutions. 


Quotas - Quota is the number of sales, usually measured by top line revenue that a sales representative is expected to meet. 


Quotas are mostly done annually and, but broken down into quarters.


If a sales representative exceeds their quota, they will usually get some form of bonus. 


Most American companies give a higher percentage of the sales that are brought in after the target number is met while most European and Canadian firms give out a lump sum of money that sometimes results in the commission getting capped. 


Conversely, if a sales employee consistently misses his or her quota they are let go from the company. 

Ken Sundheim
Credit: Michael Benabib