Have you ever wondered why despite of the fact that you have the best anti-virus software installed on your computer, it still have been infected by a certain malware or virus? Common sense is still the best tool that you should consider when it comes to safeguarding your computer, you may not believe it but it will help you avoid online mishaps in the future.
There are simple rules that you need to be aware of, it is up to you to follow the or not but it will not cost you anything if you do follow them.
One of them is not to open strange e-mails or e-mail attachments as well as click any hyperlinks within an e-mail if you don’t have any idea of its source. Virus programmers love to dupe people into clicking links that contains malware or malicious software. It would be best not to open e-mails that you are not familiar with the one who sent it, that is the use of common sense.
Facebook or any other social networking site’s message board can be used by these kind of people as well. You may not be aware of it but hyperlinks in your FB account’s message board or instant messages can sometimes lead to a virus, thus it would be sensible to notice or research on the background of the sender before you click on any hyperlinks. Pay attention to its source or look for any unusual signs such as misspellings or odd sentence structures. Once you find it odd, you may want to inform the sender if he or she was the one who sent that link to you chances are his or her account is being used by a hacker.
Another way of avoiding from becoming a victim of any malware or virus is not visiting questionable sites. Your browser may have a way of letting you know that you are venturing in a site that is known to host malware. Don’t be foolish, you might want to take heed of such warning since it is in your computer’s own good.
If you are fond of visiting sites that offers free download of music, videos, software or any kind of file, it is best recommended to make sure that it is one of the most popular or most visited file sharing site. With common sense and with the aid of any of the best VPN service providers you are guaranteed of not only hundred percent virus and malware free computer but the best online security that you can find on the web today.