Lose weight without fad diets

Weight loss is becoming synonymous with dieting. However, if you really think about it, dieting may only be a small part of the whole lose-weight exercise. In fact, if you eat smarter and give your body reasonable daily exercise, there is no reason you can't remain fit and maintain your ideal body weight. My other article Cold, Hard Facts About Serious Weight Loss deals discuss the ways in which dieting and weight loss become a Herculean task for some people.


The two key words here are "reasonable" and "daily." You will not go from zero to the Olympics in a day or two, so do not exercise as if that were possible. Instead, choose an exercise that genuinely is fun for you, and increase the duration and difficulty about once each week. If you hit a plateau in your 'reasonable', 'daily' exercise, start cross-training or start competing to break-up the monotony. Place great emphasis on what comes naturally and the "the fun factor". If you do not have fun while you exercise, or if you regard it as more work than play, you will not stick with it. Neither your body nor your brain will tolerate exercise that feels like punishment.


Here are four common-sense tips for steady, long-term, health-building weight loss:


  1. Satisfy your sweet tooth with fruit-The majority of the American obesity epidemic originates in sugars and carbohydrates. Americans eat five . We especially guzzle calories in our sodas; it's no wonder we pack on pounds. The key here is to abandon all sugary foods-especially soft drinks; and satisfy the cravings for sweets with lots of fruits-especially "anthocyanins," the fruits distinguished by their dark red, blue, or purple colors. Grapes, - tons of them can help you build up a strong reservoir of Vitamin C and still satisfy your sweet tooth. So get yourself all the grapes you can stand … and then some."
  2. Maximize your whole grains- Adding fiber and complex carbohydrates to your diet, whole grains digest slowly and boost your energy over the long haul; they especially contribute to weight loss because they satisfy your hunger more completely than proteins or simple carbohydrates that metabolize just like sugar. Avoid inexpensive white breads, because they contain a great deal of added sugar-in fact, it's more like cake than bread, always go with the seven-grain and whole grain options. Accept no substitutes.
  3. Load your plate with vegetables-Let's face it, most people love meat. Chicken, mutton, beef, pork – you name it. Most of the meat has excess calories and harms you more than you'd imagine – especially pork. A good idea would be to consume beef and pork in moderation, and get the majority of proteins from fresh vegetables. Avoid frozen and canned vegetables, substituting fresh greens "and all the colors" either steamed or in salads.
  4. Walk your dog…repeatedly-With veterinarians' assent and encouragement, you are more likely to stick with an aggressive walking program, which burns calories and sheds pounds and inches, if you include your dog. Your dog will urge you to continue the walks, will want you to make them longer and more challenging, and will express his gratitude profusely-more love and affection that you can stand-when you do it. Tell people that your dog insists you walk five miles on the beach today; who can argue with that kind of reasoning?


So… there you go. Are these tips not simple common sense and some of the most inexpensive ways of shedding those extra pounds and remaining in shape.