Do you suspect that your dog could be pregnant? If you have a female dog who spends time outdoors or around male dogs, there is always a possibility that she could become pregnant if she has not been spayed. Although the only way to know for sure is to see a veterinarian, just like with human pregnancy there are a few signs that you might notice when your dog becomes pregnant. These signs usually start to show up fairly quickly after the dog becomes pregnant because the dog's gestational period is only around 63 days. It's a good idea to look out for these signs and bring your dog to the vet if you notice any of them.

First, look for a change in your dog's normal pattern of eating. A lot of dogs will seem a lot hungrier than usual as they attempt to eat more food to provide nutrition to their growing puppies. Other dogs might experience the type of nausea that humans do with morning sickness. In this case, your dog might actually eat less than normal or even snub her favorite food. That's why any change in your dog's eating patterns can indicate pregnancy and requires further analysis.

Another sign of pregnancy in dogs is a bulging stomach. It doesn't take very long for a dog's pregnancy to start showing so if you notice her stomach growing, take her to the vet. Sometimes you can even feel the puppies by pushing on her stomach but be careful not to push too hard. On dogs that are overweight it can be more difficult to notice a change in the stomach but this usually becomes obvious pretty quickly on slimmer dogs.

If your dog starts sleeping more and seems less playful and active than she normally is, this could also be a sign that she is about to become a mother. Pregnant dogs may also act extremely territorial. That's why any sudden behavioral change that follows an opportunity for mating should be investigated further.

If you notice any of these signs in your dog, it is a good idea to bring her to the vet. Only an ultrasound can say for sure that a dog is pregnant. Dog ultrasounds don't cost too much and they don't hurt the dog or her puppies. The sooner your dog can get prenatal care, the healthier she and her puppies will be. Even if it turns out she isn't expecting, any of these signs could also indicate another type of problem so it's crucial to get it checked.