Sleep Number Bed users across the country have reported common problems that typically lead to repairs. Before purchasing a Sleep Number Bed, it is important to be aware of the issues you may face.

The Select Comfort Company has been making these specialty mattresses for a number of years. The Better Business Bureau has reported 490 total complaints in the past three years. Three hundred and ninety of those complaints dealt with subjects termed: "Problems with product/service". It is important to note that the BBB gives Select Comfort an A+ rating since they have 'closed' so many of these complaints which have led to a resolution between the company and the consumer.

This list of issues is not meant to steer buyers away from the Sleep Number Bed; only to inform potential buyers of some common problems they may face.


Select Comfort is well aware of the mold problems that Sleep Number Bed users have had. They have an entire page on their website dedicated to exploring the antimicrobial foam in their mattresses. The foam is layered on top of air chambers. User report that mold can sometimes grow between these two layers. This will be more likely to occur in homes with higher moisture levels. While a majority claim to have owned a Sleep Number Bed for years and have not experienced any mold, it is important to be aware that this is a possibility.


It sounds odd but many owners claim that the Sleep Number Beds hold more heat than a normal mattress, which can result in an uncomfortable sleep. Many think that the air chambers and foam padding work (inadvertently) to keep heat in the bed. If you scour reviews online, you will find that this only accounts for less than 5% of all complaints.

No Good Number

Probably the most common complaint that buyers have is the inability to find a comfortable sleep number. The Select Comfort Company states that it is common to spend the first few nights experimenting with the controls to find the number that works for you. They even go so far as to say the first few nights might be uncomfortable as you find the right setting through trial and error.

The Middle of the Bed

Since the bed is divided into two sides to give each sleeper customized cushioning, the middle of the bed is often a problem. At the middle of the bed, the two air chambers meet. The beds feature a foam slab that acts as a bridge for the chambers. Those who are prone to roll onto the middle of the bed ultimately have trouble sleeping on the Sleep Number bed since it's meant to hold two distinct, separate sleepers.

Failing Components

The air chambers require air pumps and the controls are, of course, electronic devices. Wherever there are mechanical or electrical parts there is the risk of malfunction. The air chambers can develop small holes that leak air slowly over time, the pumps can fail, etc.

It is also important to note that the Select Comfort Company has a very highly rated customer service department. They also offer a comprehensive standard warranty that will cover defective parts. The Sleep Number Bed is wildly popular and has given many people excellent sleep. As a potential buyer, it is always good to know of the common problems of the Sleep Number Bed.

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Credit: Arvind Balaraman