Common beliefs proved wrong!

Many beliefs have managed to develop over the last few hundred years, of which person invented this, and which person said this, but how many are true? Not many. People have made these myths up for the reason of making money, or popularity, or just getting it wrong. Here ar the top ten most wrong beliefs.

#10) Lemmings commit mass suicide:
This is completely stupid!. Whoever thought of that must have a screw loose. We all know they are stupid, mindless and weird,  but are they suicidal? No. Lemmings do not intentionally kill themselves by throwing themselves of the edge of cliffs. This happens when massive populations migrate, then some are pushed off the edge, then they fall into the ocean below.

#9) What is the number of the beast?
For close to 2000 years, 666 has been the symbol of the dreaded anti-christ, the being who will come to rule the world during the last judgement. For many it is unlucky, even the british parliament leaves seat 666 vacant.
      The symbol comes from the Revelation, the last and strangest book in the Bible "Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six" But its a mistranslation. In 2005, a team of scientists recovered the earliest known book of Revelation, and found it to be 616, not 666.

#8) How many people died in the great fire of London?
Despite destroying 13,200 houses, and 80% of the city, only five deaths were recorded. Only a few people that lived near the baker who started it died. John Evelyn says that the intense heat may have vaporised bodies, but the death toll still stands at five.

#7) What color were the original Oompa-Loompas?
Black. In the original edition of Roald Dahls classic 1964 children's novel Charlie and the chocolate factory, the tireless, loyal Oompa-Loompas were black, not orange.

#6) How many states of matter are there?
Three, that's easy: Solid, liquid, gas
Actually, its more like fifteen, although the list grows almost daily. Heres our latest best effort:

Solid, amorphous solid, liquid, gas, plasma, superfluid, supersolid
degenerate matter, neutronium, strongly symmetric matter, weakly symmetric matter
quark-gluon plasma, fermionic condensate, Bose-Einstien condensate, and strange matter.

#5) Glass is a liquid
Wrong! It is commonly belevied that glass is an extremely slow-moving liquid. In support of this, people often point to old church windows, where the glass is thicker at the bottom. This has an obvious explanation, it that old glazier's glass was not perfectly flat, so they put the thicker end at the bottom. Glass is officially classed as a bona fide solid.

#4) Which metal is the best conductor
The best conductor of both heat and electricity is also the most reflective of all the elements.  The reason we dont use it in our mechanics and technology is that it is too expensive, so we use the second most conductive, copper.

#3) Where is the driest place on earth?
Antarctica. Parts of the continent have seen no rain for two million years. A desert is defined as a place that receives less than 254 millimeters of rain a year. The Sahara receives only 25 mm a year. Because it is so cold in antarctica any rain freezes and becomes snow.

#2) Mary Antoinette said "Let them eat cake"
The Queen of france said  that if french peasants had no bread to eat, they shall eat cake instead.  She said "S'ils n'ont plus de pain qu'ils mangent de la brioche" But the word brioche means sweet bread, a mistranslation of cake.

#1) Where would you go for some Ozone?
Many used to say that if you were sick, you should go to the seaside and take a lungful of ozone. But the bracing, salty tang hs nothing to do with Ozone, which is a toxic gas that lingers around electrical equipment and comes out of your car tailpipe. The seaside smell is actually rotting seaweed which contains sulfur.





Ignorance is bliss

(92840)Credit: From the book of general ignoranceCredit: From the book of general ignorance