Patience is an Essential Life Skill

As you go through life, you realize that there are innumerable occasions that are virtually out of your control. The way that everyday events unfold is something that to this day no human and no science can foretell. It is in the realm of the unknown. We are told that each one of us has the ability to influence our surroundings through our minds and resulting actions. This may well be true but it still does not give us any knowledge of what is going to happen. This means that when things happen we must have a way of responding to our immediate environment that will not cause chaos in our own lives. This is because things happen more often in an unfavourable way than otherwise. Having a consistent manner of response to unfavourable situations makes us well centered at the core of our being. The single most important quality that gives a positive predisposition to someone in any such situation is patience(though in varying degrees individually).     

Patience is a virtue

When you do not have patience in facing things as they happen to you, however serious or inconsequential they may be, life will become extremely frustrating. Patience directs your inner thoughts to regain perspective when they can actually be very agitating. Something as simple as being late for an appointment or getting stuck in traffic can trigger unrest in the mind that at the moment seems as though it just cannot be put away. Without patience, those feelings tend to simmer and eventually boil over into more sinister forms. Being patient becomes harder when you failed to make a first attempt at it and let your feelings go awry. When you don’t catch yourself going into a negative state of thinking about the event that faces you at the moment, your ability to open up to it in acceptance diminishes with time. This is the snowballing effect that under some circumstances cause extreme anger to build up and people with such traits are commonly known as ‘hot-tempered’.   Most other people are not better off – many will take rash actions at the spur of the moment rather than wait till later when decisions may make more sense. Very few are truly patient. This actually removes their real freedom.

Freedom of PatienceCredit: Public Domain

Practice and Prayer for Patience

Patience gives you that quiet mental window of time which allows you to be many things at once. This means you are in the moment all at once compassionate, empathetic and avoiding blame. In other words, you allow yourself at the right point in time a better view of what happened and why it happened. This indirectly pulls you back from going into conflict with others in foolish haste since you will often be able to see that they were themselves not the real cause of the problem.  Patient people are also better listeners and value others' opinions. The damage that a serious lack of patience can extol has countless times unravelled throughout  history through the actions of those who commit crime and cause death and destruction on this earth based on little more than their own figments of imagination. In order to inculcate such an indispensable quality then, one must sincerely and genuinely practice patience and consummate it in prayer.   

Patience Quotes

Here are a few quotes that can help you remember to be patient :

‘Verily, patience is at the first stroke of calamity’

‘When you are patient, you are at peace’

Patience and PeaceCredit: Public Domain

‘Have patience with all things but first of all with yourself’  (Saint Francis De Sales)

‘Whatever good you are patient for, it will return unto you and you will not be any the less for it’


Patience is surely a test

You must be patient at home. You must be patient at the job. You must be patient anywhere. For those who pass the test of patience in their lives from time to time, they find inner strength that does not come by any other way and they continue to have a happy, fulfilling life.