Since the sky is blue and the grass is green, language has been part of our every day activities. Language has not only been essential for relating to other human beings and name the objects close to us in the environment, but also pivotal in developing our economies.

It is only through language that we have been able to establish this ever powerful capitalistic system. Now, just think about it for one second. How would such system evolve to where it is now without pronouncing simple words like: Hello, what is it that you need? How can i help you? or being asked: how much does this cost?

Turks are famous and well-known because of their refined skills to trade. If one travels at the present time to Istanbul and gets into the big bazaar "kapalichargi" , it can witness people selling goods in 5 different languages or more. Are the Turks super natural human beings with over 200 points of IQ number?

The reason behind this surprising ability is indeed very simple: they just need to sell and make money.

In our modern world where internet is basically one of the most utilized means of communication, how do we effectively integrate our successful trade knowledge to our virtual shop on the cyber space?

Internet is being used, more and more every day, as means to acquire merchandise to fulfill basic human needs. Moreover, it is currently used to make appointments to the hair dresser, pay for the services such as electricity, water etc.

When one pictures life in the next 10 years could hardly imagine a world without internet. Right? cause internet will not only be there, but will be 20 times - to say the least- more powerful than it is today.

Leaving aside all of those chaotic theories about technology and human isolation; how is internet going to be able to cover for our future needs of goods and interaction?

Yes, interaction. As human beings we not only need goods to satisfy our hunger, or clothes to prevent being arrested, but also need to interact with others. If you had to utter, why do you think chat messengers had become so massively used?

Though e-commerce is largely used in the XXI century it is still missing a very basic human function: the capacity to interact lively with website visitors. Saying that communicating with people to increase sales is important is a bit of an understatement. Again, why do you think these Turks in the big bazaar bother themselves to learn 5 or more different languages? because they had lots of spare time? or cause experience happen to taught them it was kind of advantageous?

Those are suppose to be rhetorical questions.

ActiveReception, a product engineered by iDevelop; a British led company established in Macedonia is allowing a wide array of business to stay up to their customer's needs.

In a nutshell it allows companies to talk lively with website visitor increasing the customer's trust, and its perception of the company's care. Into the bargain boosts sales and leverages enterprise potential.

Isnt that the single-minded purpose of all the e-commerces out there?

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