Varieties of Roses


A single beautiful rose of any color shows the utmost devotion towards the person you care about. A rose may be considered to be a prickly bush or a shrub, but the symbolism of the roses' color became a tradition to humanity. Roses inspired people to create a language of color, and it is now used from this day on and foreword.

There are over 100 species of roses. These large and showy flowers that are ranging in magnificent color creates a sense of life. We use the rose for perfume, decoration, medicine, art, and simply showing how much we love each other. Each rose has a different meaning and sign. Each rose demonstrates how you feel for the other person. Here is rose colors that will help communicate your feelings:

The Red Rose-

The Red rose is the most known rose in tradition. It symbolizes beauty and perfection. It's vivid red color is pleasing to the eye and it speaks the words "I love you." It also represents sincere love, respect, courage, and passion. If you are ever given a red rose, you should be excited because you are truly important to someone.

The White Rose-

White roses remind people of heaven because of its purity.The white rose is also a symbol of honor, silence, innocence, and youthfulness. White roses are often used as an expression of remembrance.

The Pink Rose-

Pink roses are graceful and elegant. It conveys appreciation as well as joyfulness. These roses are also considered to be a way to show gentleness, happiness, and admiration.

The Yellow Rose-

The Yellow rose is shared among good friends. Its symbolism of friendship is a good gesture for showing how much your friend means to you. The bright, sunny color of the yellow rose gives off a warm feeling of happiness and joyfulness.

The Orange Rose-

The Orange rose is a lovely rose that shows a sense of desire and enthusiasm. Orange roses are a good way of showing how fascinated you are with each other.

The Lavender Rose-

Lavender roses are touched with a light shade of purple. It is infused with a gentle fragrance that calms your mind. This rose symbolizes love at first sight and enchantment.

The Blue Rose-

The Blue rose is considered to be misleading and impossible to be attained. The only reason for that is because they do not exist in nature.

The Black rose-

The Black rose symbolizes death and farewell. Black roses are not really attainable, and usually the color of the rose is a dark purple or a dark red.