There are a number of great community colleges in the state of Massachusetts. These schools offer many different programs of study with classes that lead to certificates and the associate degree (A.A.). If you want to start taking community college courses there is definitely a campus near you in the Bay State or you can take a number of classes online. It is an amazing state (which you probably already know!) with great cities and towns, amazing cultural richness and varied foods, and a number of wonderful sports teams (Go Patriots! Go Red Sox! Yeah Bruins, Celtics!) Find the education of your future career at a community college in Massachusetts. Take charge of your future today!

Location, Location, Location

You can find a community college anywhere in this amazing state! Whether you live nearby, or plan to study in western Massachusetts in the Berkshire Mountain region (what some call the "Knowledge Corridor" from all the colleges and universities there), or in the state’s southcoast area near Rhode Island, Massachusetts Community Collegesthere are great community colleges available in your area. There is a community college on Cape Cod near the Islands, and a number of schools in and around greater Boston, if you prefer to keep your career and opportunities near the state’s main urban area. Smaller cities in the state also have their own community colleges -- you go can to school virtually anywhere in the state! There are fifty cities and 301 towns in Massachusetts divided into fourteen separate counties and there is definitely a community college near you. If you are a resident of one of the Massachusetts border states -- like Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, Vermont, or New Hampshire -- and not one of the 6.5 million people that live in the Bay State, there is still a program near you. And if that doesn’t work for you, study right where you are now -- in an online community college program.

Super Charge Your Career

Imagine that you could have the career you have always dreamed of? What would it be? Community colleges have course work in hundreds of disciplines, majors, fields, and concentrations, and can provide you with a career-changing certificate or degree -- or just the coursework that shows employers that you are staying current in your field. You can study everything from nursing and culinary arts to criminal justice and biology, from graphic design and psychology to business and marketing, from music to computer science, and so much more. Are you looking at job opportunities that are growing and sustainable, where there are a shortage of qualified applicants in an expanding field? Then those are areas that you can study in community college. There are so many possibilities that you will be inspired just looking at all of the choices.

Imagine walking into work and going to your bosses office, and asking for your long overdue raise while you show him or her your new credentials. Or better yet - imagine giving your two weeks notice because your new training, college courses, certificate, or associate’s degree have now made you eligible for a great new job that you read about in the Boston Globe newpaper or elsewhere online! The sky's the limit with the changes you can make. You could gain credentials to work in a field where you could earn more money than you ever imagined was possible. Imagine paying off all your debts, saving money, and providing for your loved ones. It goes without saying that there is no time like the present to begin this journey. We all know the expression: "Life is not a rehearsal!" So what are you waiting for? Do you really want to go back to school later, in five years, ten years... Will it really be any easier to go later? The sooner you change your reality, the sooner you can benefit from those changes! It's very exciting to learn, change, grow, and develop -- at any age.... remember that!

Reasonably Priced

Massachusetts community colleges are also very competitive in terms of cost - lower tuition than the state’s private and public colleges and universities. And community college financial aid offices do have scholarships, grants, and low-interest student loans so that you can get some free money for your studies. You just have to apply. That way you can reap the rewards of your new education without being burdoned by student loan debt for decades. The investment you make in yourself now, if you make the time, will change your earnings potential for your entire life -- and you can start making this investment for less that you would imagine.

Flexible Schedule

You will find that community college classes meet at times that can really work for your schedule. They have day time slots for traditional college students, or times when the kids are in school or at day care. They also feature coursework in the late afternoon, evening, or weekend -- classes to take after work or around the rest of your weekly obligations. Or simply take online classes and spend all your time studying, reading, and learning at your convenience and on your schedule, without even wasting any time commuting -- or even getting dressed! We’ve all see the commercials of college credits earned by students at home in their pajamas! It’s so 21st century. Work and study from home.

Great Community Colleges in Massachusetts:

  • Berkshire Community College, Pittsfield, MA
  • Bristol Community College, Fall River, MA
  • Bunker Hill Community College, Boston, MA
  • Cape Cod Community College, West Barnstable, MA
  • Greenfield Community College, Greenfield, MA
  • Holyoke Community College, Holyoke, MA
  • Massachusetts Bay Community College, Wellesley Hills, MA
  • Massasoit Community College, Brockton, MA
  • Middlesex Community College, Bedford, MA
  • Mount Wachusett Community College, Gardner, MA
  • North Shore Community College, Danvers, MA
  • Northern Essex Community College, Haverhill, MA
  • Quincy College, Quincy, MA
  • Quinsigamond Community College, Worcester, MA
  • Roxbury Community College, Roxbury Crossing, MA
  • Springfield Technical Community College, Springfield, MA

So it's time... Go get the career, and the future that you want -- and deserve! Start that journey by attending a community college in the great state of Massachusetts. Do some research, choose a direction, and a community college program is waiting for you.