Compact Cameras V DSLR

Compact Cameras

Better than DSLR ?


What is a compact Camera ?

 A compact camera describes a camera which has the images quality of a DSLR but is typically much smaller is size.  These new types of camera at the moment, lacks strict definition.  As such features, quality and price can vary enormously.   However fro the happy photographer  they’re easier to carry around than DSLRs, offer you more control than a standard compact and also offer you the options to change lenses/

One of the reasons that they’re so small is because they have stripped away as much as possible from the traditional DSLR cameras. As such the optical viewfinder has been removed as has the mirror system found in a standard DSLR.  The upshot of this is that the lens can now be positioned much closer to the image sensor.  A smaller a lighter lens is possible because of this.    The compact camera system that is created offers the quality and flexibility of a ‘full-size' camera without the need for a huge camera bag at considerable less weight


So Why would you buy a compact camera ?

 If you are looking for high quick but high quality snaps compact cameras offer the ideal quality solution.  However be warned if you are taking photos where speed needs to be captured or there lighting conditions are poor then the compact cameras lack the power you may need.

 If you want to improved the quality of  your photos want that extra control over the shots you take or want to utilise a zoom lens the then a compact camera could be for you. Especially if you don’t want to have to put up with a more bulky and heavy DSLR.

 Many of the compact cameras also come with smart software solutions to assist you in taking those professional style shots you seek.  The best bit is this allows you to look like a pro with minimum effort.  They’re also much less conspicuous than a DSLR, so you could potentially snap away unnoticed in situations where a DSLR might draw unwanted attention.


What about changing the lens ?

 Most compact cameras can be bought with a series of lens options. Its therefore best look at the lens choices before you make that purchase.  The standard compact camera will be a cut above the normal smaller snapper but the options you have may take this further.  There is not a single lens which will do all the jobs you may want.  Therefore do you research and ensure the camera you choose is  compatible with the lens you need