Hopefully this article will guide you as to where to buy, how to use and why you need to buy compact fluorescent bulbs for carnivorous plants.

Why you need to buy compact lamps for your carnivorous plant?

Your carnivorous plants obviously need enough light, so they are able photosynthesise in order to be healthy and strong. So by providing your plants with the right amount of quantity and quality of light, you will then be at least getting the most important factor for the health of your carnivorous plant correct.

As most of the carnivorous plants are used to being exposed to full-on sunlight for most of the day, such as your Venus flytrap, this means that if you are planning on growing them inside you are going to have to provide them with that extra lighting your carnivorous plants need (as they are missing out on being exposed to the sun). Which can be done by buying and implementing correctly compact fluorescent bulbs, such as the selection of the four ALZO 45 Watt Full Light Spectrum, to shine over the top of the plant.

Note: Be sure to do research into the carnivorous plant or plants you have bought or planning on purchasing, as they may have special requirements, books such as 'The Savage Garden' will give you offer you all the information you need on how to 'cultivate carnivorous plants'.

Where to buy your compact white-light light bulbs?

There are several places online where you can get hold of specialised compact fluorescent 'pure white light' bulbs, such as on the site Amazon, they offer you bulbs like the selection of four ALZO 45 Watt Full Spectrum Light Bulbs (mentioned above) along with the photo basics 4 piece socket adapter to place them in.

You can also checkout sites such as homedepot.com, where they offer lights such as the Philips 12-Watt LED soft white light, or BLTDirect.com with a range of compact fluorescent lamps and tubes to purchase.

Be sure to also check home yard retailers and garden centres, they maybe able to help offer you additional advice on what specific bulbs to purchase, and how far away to place them etc. and any other queries you may have regarding the cultivating of your plant.

How to use your compact fluorescent lamps for your carnivorous plant?

Usually it is advised that you have four of the bulbs over heading the insectivorous plant, that lie approximately 10 inches away, roughly just less than the length of a 30 cm ruler. This will be where the 4 piece socket (mentioned above) will come into play rather well. It does also help if the plant is located near a window, as this way it is getting both the natural light from the sun and the artificial light from the compact fluorescent bulbs, to 'top it up' in a sense.

Note: Look around for reviews of certain compact white-light light bulb makes and how well they rate, some bulbs will perform better than others. For example a quick search for me, has shown advice stating that I should stay away from incandescent bulbs - they are often 'too hot and not bright enough'.

It does depend on how strong your bulbs are along with other factors, where it is is located (next to a window?) what stage of growth is the plant in, and so on. It would be best to conduct research into the type of 'compact fluorescent bulbs for carnivorous plants' to assess the light intensity and quality that is required, you can get this from resources online, from books or even direct advice.