Compact Appliances

A small kitchen design can look great in those decorating magazines. You know the ones where people have a perfectly clean compact looking one, with the only thing on the counter, is a bowl of fruit for the photo op? Well, in reality, a small kitchen design can be difficult if you need storage. It can work, but it needs to be laid out right, and you need the right appliances to go in there or it will be overwhelmed, not to mention the loss of cabinet space.

Whether you have a compact one or a small layout design, you are still going to want the same conveniences that other kitchens have, such as the main appliances. But you can fit in compact appliances in a smaller design or layout. Of course their capacity is not the same as full sized appliances, but if you can work with smaller ones, they fit and look better in a smaller layout design

For example: You don’t have to give up on a dishwasher, simply because of a compact kitchen. Yes, it is true that a full size dishwasher will take up precious cabinet space, so why not purchase a compact dishwasher? You can get these smaller appliances, that work just as well as the larger ones, but are designed to fit in smaller and tighter places.

Many of these compact appliances, such as the dishwasher are only 18 inches wide, but the same height as a regular sized one. This way they don’t take up the same room. If you find the cabinet space is at a really tight premium, and you don‘t want to give up any space, or you rent your space and there is no dishwasher, then you can also consider getting a countertop dishwasher. These compact dishwashers are portable and do just as good a job as the bigger ones.

Compact DishwasherCredit:
Danby DDW1899BLS 18-Inch Built-In Dishwasher - Stainless Steel
Amazon Price: $435.99 Buy Now
(price as of May 12, 2013)
this is only 18 inches wide, great for small spaces.

There are ways around your smaller design. But for the longest time the dishwasher would be absent from a compact kitchen. It simply took up too much space and you lost too much storage.

You can research these at most appliance stores near you. But one of the best places to actually find a great variety of these compact appliances is online. If you know the size of your space you can allow for the dishwasher or the refrigerator or the stove for example, then you can research a compact appliance store, and chances are they will have one that will fit your small space.

If you are designing your own kitchen space, such as with a kitchen remodel, then getting these compact appliances first would be the better way to go. Check out all the latest gadgets on the market now, that are not only created for the larger kitchen, but for the smaller compact ones. Many people have a small kitchen design, such as many condos, so if you want a wine cooler for example you can get these in a compact style too.

You don’t have to give up your idea of having all the conveniences in your small kitchen design. You can have all the same appliances that other kitchens use plus other new gadgets on the market now. The quality is there too, they are just designed to fit smaller places.

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