Over the Sink Shelf

If you have a compact kitchen and really need some places to put things, then there are some answers that don't require gutting your kitchen or draining your bank account. 



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Maybe you are renting, or the house you are in, just doesn’t have that much cabinet space, but there are some small kitchen designs or layouts that can work. These ideas get your things off the counter so that you have more counter space.

There are many products on the market now that are worth checking out. It was only while helping my daughter move into her first place with a really tiny kitchen, did I realize just how many helpful products are on the market for small kitchen designs or a compact kitchen.

The over the sink shelf, I think is a brilliant idea. Many apartment kitchens do not have windows ledges. There is lots of storage potential here. If you could have things right at your fingertips for when you are by the sink, this makes an obvious place for storage.

These portable shelving ideas, actually consists of a long narrow shelf (you can get them for single or double) approximately 36 inches long with two supporting legs at each end. It fits right around the back of the faucets and uses that space between the faucet and the wall.

You can get these with wooden shelves, but from experience, these can end up wet, as you most likely will have wet hands while working at the faucet. Your best bet is to use the wire or metal ones. They tend to look sleek and not as heavy.

This gets all those bottles and things off the back area and onto a shelf and looks neater. You can even carry this one step further. Go to the dollar store and get those silver mesh baskets and put them on this over this shelf for all your small objects. You could even have a container to put your rings if you normally take them off while at the faucet, so you don‘t lose them.

This is a great storage idea for a compact kitchen or a small kitchen design. Of course, you don't want it to be junky, so carefully decide what will go there and maybe purchase a few modern looking baskets, so that this useful storage unit looks the part in your kitchen.

Even if you have a window ledge, this will not interfere. These are designed to fit over the faucet with a cutout area for the faucets. Cool idea. Would work great in the bathroom too!

You can get these at most kitchen stores, and IKEA has them too. But you can also shop for  sink shelves, and other types of affordable storage ideas online with Amazon

So, before you start gutting your kitchen, or getting frustrated with your rental kitchen, explore all the different storage ideas that are out there. Like I said, I didn't even know you could get these shelves until helping my daughter. You can make space act double time if you get the right storage unit.

They don't have to look ugly either. You can make them look like they belong with a bit of imagination. These units have become quite popular now, you can get them in bamboo and other materials. But from personal experience, the metal ones just seem to hold up to the abuse the kitchen sink area takes!

So, if you have just moved, and have a compact kitchen, or are looking for some affordable small kitchen designs, then browse online. You will actually be surprised by how affordable some of these storage ideas that work with your kitchen are.