Kitchen Storage Ideas

Living in a small space often means living with a small or compact kitchen. Trying to organize one of these can be trying. But there are ways to keep things neat and tidy, that actually will afford you more room.

It is one thing to have cabinets for stackable dishes and plates etc, but there is usually one corner or cabinet that tends to hold all the dry goods for your meals, such as spaghetti, other pastas, dried soup mixes, or gravy or that veggie dip you keep meaning to mix up.

Either way these packages, end up all over the cupboard, eventually being crushed by other things that just keep being added to the space, such as tins and containers.

This is especially true, if it is the upper cabinets, because, chances are, you can't see totally to the back of that deep corner cabinet, and those packaged goods and pouches of tuna, just work their way to the back, never to be seen again, until you have one of those moments when you decide to have a clean out, which is usually when you move!

Even in a compact kitchen, there will be those "ahaaa" moments when you are packing to move. "This was where that taco mix went!" Now it is hard as rock, and a tin has punctured it.

Anyways, the point to this article, is that if you can clear out the food cabinet or pantry and then use containers that fit some of these odd shaped packages, then the cupboard stays somewhat organized and there will never be that rogue package working its way to the back, never to be seen again!

You don't have to purchase expensive specialty containers for everything, just a few containers to house the stuff that you are constantly searching for. No matter how you try to organize some of these cabinets, especially a corner one, everything easily gets mixed up, especially when there are a few people in and out of the cabinets for snacks etc.

I have found for those dry good packages, one of the best things to use is a clear long rectangle shaped piece of plastic wear. Just take off the lid and basically "file" your mixes and packages. You can use those clear boxes that store photographs in them, or something else you may have around the house. It makes such a difference to the space.

Compact Kitchen Storage Ideas

Kitchen Storage Ideas

Spice and Seasoning Pack Holder Clear Kitchen Organize This way, when you are looking for something, all you need to do is take out the whole container and flip through them and find the one you are looking for. Plus it is easy to just put them there, when you bring home the groceries.

Nothing worse than finding that punctured veggie dip package, or that hard as rock taco mix package. Or thinking you have it when you don't, and then having to climb on the counter to basically take apart your cabinets with the contents of these packages all over the shelf.

If you have kids that are old enough to help themselves, this can happen a lot. So, consider finding yourself a container to hold all of these packages. You can create your own using a clear long rectangle shaped plastic container, or you can also purchase these online.

Yes, designers have actually thought about these for compact kitchen designs, but these are great to use in any kitchen, especially if you tend to use dry goods or packaged goods that can easily get damaged.

So, if you have just had to clear out your cabinets, and get rid of some stale or punctured dry good packages, then before you put things back, try and separate items out into containers. Have one container for the dry pouches or dry goods, and then another one for smaller items that get lost in the cabinet.

Many people think that the container will take up too much room, but it doesn't, especially when you can fit so much into the container and the space.

My daughter loves to bake, and it was always a struggle to find the vanilla extract or the food coloring little bottles amongst everything else that ended up in the pantry cabinet (or in our case the corner upper cabinet that is deep, and holds all the dry goods and baking supplies in our compact kitchen!).

By purchasing a few simple little baskets from the dollar store, we are able to keep them contained. It was amazing how simple containers could relieve the stress of climbing on the counter to dive deep into the back of the cupboard!

You don't have to spend much, you can get lots of containers at the dollar store, or you can shop online. Either way, just by separating out, the tiny items and the products that can get lost due to their shape, such as dry goods packages, even a compact kitchen can house a lot of goods!

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