Kitchen Storage

If living in a small space includes a compact kitchen, then there are things you can do to utilize every inch of room you have. You just have to get a bit creative, and it won't break the bank.

A small kitchen design, doesn't always give you the best use of your cabinets. Sometimes you can end up with those corner cabinets that you end up stuffing full of supplies, only to have to pull them all out to find anything or simply forget the older stuff, and it works it ways to the back forever!

If you have a lazy Susan in a cabinet (the turn styles with shelves that spin in the corner cabinet) then you can find most of your supplies, although they tend to end up on top of each other, and the smaller things quite often fall off never to be seen again!. If this sounds like your corner cabinet, it wouldn't hurt to consider simple baskets to keep like with like even with a Lazy Susan. Little baskets from the dollar store work well, and stops things from rolling around.

But if you have regular cabinets, and find yourself up on the counter trying to identify all the canned goods in the cupboard, such as soup, then you should consider getting a soup can rack.

This simple soup can rack, will fit in most cabinets, and it holds your soup cans in layers so that you can see what you have. It makes better use of the room in your cabinets too. Instead of just piling the cans on top of each other, you can now see clearly what soups or other canned goods you have.

You can get these in different sizes to fit your cabinet. But this is a brilliant idea for keeping track of canned goods, especially in a compact kitchen or small kitchen design. Getting the most out of your space can make even a small kitchen seem big.

If organized right, a small kitchen design can hold just as much as a poorly organized large one.

So, if you are limited on cabinet space, and have resorted to putting your soup cans and other pantry supplies in your CD cabinet in the living room, then maybe it is time to redo your cabinets. But not by pulling them out, just by organizing them better with all the latest in affordable gadgets that help you get the most out of every square inch.

Lets face it, if you like soup for example, and get a good deal on it one week, then why shouldn't you stock up. But just piling the soup up all over the kitchen and on the counter is just going to create clutter. Many cabinets, even small compact ones, will have the height, maybe not as wide but still have some height, so consider getting soup can racks or other cabinet storage idea to help utilize the height in the cabinet for example.

Simplify your cabinet storage, and then you won't spend so much time looking for things. Sometimes all it takes are little dollar store baskets to hold small things, such as boxes of toothpicks, birthday candles, salt and pepper shakers and more. These types of things always seem to disappear into the back of cabinets.

The dollar store can be a great friend when it comes to storage ideas. You don't have to break the bank to utilize storage in your kitchen. You can search online for other ideas, such as the soup can rack. You can get a Soup Can Rack at Amazon.

Soup Can Rack(41081)

Take advantage of any space you have in your compact kitchen. If your kitchen is jammed full, then start with one cabinet at a time. Take everything out. You may be surprised at what you find. Have a garbage bag ready for anything that is expired and done, and then give your cabinet a really good clean.

Then figure out what type of cabinet storage you need. If you have mostly cans, such as soup etc, then consider something like the soup can rack. If you have mostly frying pans or cookware, then check out all the storage ideas for inside the cabinets you can get for those. There are all kinds of affordable products and gadgets on the market now for that small kitchen design of yours.

Don't let a compact kitchen cramp your style. With the right kinds of simple storage ideas, you can find everything you need quickly, and not waste any food, by having it work its way to the back of the cabinet.

I had a corner cabinet that always seemed full, and yet the things I used the most were on that first shelf. I still had to fight with other things that always seemed to be in the way, until I looked into some of these inside cabinet storage ideas.

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