The nice thing about buying compact treadmills for running is they're not very spacious and they're easy to move. Maybe you live in a small apartment, and there aren't many good local gyms, or areas for you to workout. It's nice finding quality treadmills for running that don't take up a much room. There are some pros and cons to buying compact treadmills for running. If you can afford the space and price of a standard sized treadmill, then it's recommended you purchase one instead. Compact treadmills might come with different dimensions sizes, but most of the features are the same as standard size treadmills. Although running speeds and running space dimensions are different.

Both treadmills can be used for running and similar cardio workouts though. When shopping for compact treadmills, you should take a look online for good prices. Quality treadmills can be bought online for great deals. One of the nice things about compact treadmills is that they don't cost as much as standard size treadmills. Compact treadmills are folding treadmills, and they are easy to move.

Pros and cons of compact treadmills for running

Pros: Compact treadmills are very small. When you got a small house, or small room, compact treadmills for running don't take up much room at all. They're very easy to move and they usually weigh just about 100 pounds. Compact treadmills can be folded, and put in a closest without any hassle. They also make for easy luggage when you have to move. There's nothing worse than having a big, heavy treadmill that's spacious when you're packing to move. Compact treadmills are also cheaper and not so expensive like standard treadmills.

Cons: They're light treadmills. Most standard size treadmills weight around 200-250 pounds, where compact treadmills weigh just 100 pounds. That can be a good thing, or a bad thing. For example: the dimensions are also smaller, usually leaving you with just a 17" x 45" running space. Compact treadmills probably aren't for those who are taller than 6 feet, and looking for a power running treadmill. The motor is small, usually just 1.5 duty HP. It's a lightweight treadmill used for speed walking and light running. There's not very much running room and stronger athletes will require a standard sized treadmill for running. Compact treadmills will support up to 250 pounds max.

Where to buy compact treadmills for running for a good price

Horizon Fitness Evolve SG Treadmill - Horizon fitness makes popular and high quality compact treadmills for running. They're highly recommended treadmills that go for a reasonable price. It comes in your standardized 17" x 45". The folding features on this compact treadmill allows you to fold under beds, in closets, and under couches. It's a very portable treadmill and easy to travel with. Features speakers, belt speed: 1-6 mph, 1.5 duty HP motor, CD players and audio also included. It comes with LCD displays that include set time, speed, distance, calories, and heart rate. It also features workout programs like for weight loss and cardio workouts. This compact treadmill makes for jogging, speed walking, and light running. It's a pretty cheap buy good quality compact treadmill. You can buy the horizon fitness evolve SG treadmill online at amazon, fitness ultimate, ebay, and sears. Prices will keep you under $1,000.

Cory Everson Fitness Manual Treadmill - Most compact treadmills for running are rather cheap products. The running surface dimensions are just 13" x 42", and only supports up to 220 pounds max is smaller and lighter than the horizon fitness evolve. It's a cheaper product in both quality and price than the Horizon Fitness Evolve. Although it's a manageable compact treadmill, and takes up very little space. It can still get you a good workout for speed walking, or light jogging. Features include a foldable treadmill, with a water bottle holder, with a pouch for MP3 players and cell phones. It includes the LCD display that comes with calories burned, speed, distance and time. You can buy these compact treadmills online at walmart, meijer, and Prices are in the $100 range.

Lifespan LS-5T treadmill - Lifespan products are high quality treadmill brands. It's a pretty spacious running surface treadmill with dimensions of 16" x 48". It's used for walking, and light running. Includes three different incline positions, and features a 1.50 HP drive motor. Speed rang: 0.6-7.5 mpg. The product weights just 100 pounds. The lifespan LS-5T treadmill include heart rate sensors, and LDS displays of speed, time distance, heart rate, and calories. Includes 5 different exercise programs. You can buy the compact treadmill for running online at amazon, ebay, fitness equipment and more, and metroplex trading. If you shop online at these places, prices should keep you in the $500 dollar range.