Compact tumble dryers (condenser) are a great time saving appliance, it also helps you feel like you live in a nice apartment rather than a launderette. But what should you look for when thinking of buying a new compact condenser tumble dryer?

Type of energy used

Tumble dryers can be used with electricity or gas, with gas fuelled dryers being the cheapest to run. Gas dryers do have to be professionally fitted to the mains supply and must be vented to the outside of the property. Electric powered compact tumble dryers (condenser) have the advantage of being able to go anywhere.

Tumble dryers

What to look for

There's no escaping the fact that you'll be able to dry less clothes with a compact tumble dryer, but some do have larger capacity drums making them useful for duvet covers and sheets. As a guide compact dryers will have a 3Kg drum size as opposed to 7Kg's on a family sized dryer.

  • When comparing different dryers, do check out the energy ratings. In the UK you should be looking for the nearest rating to 'A' - the most economical settings.

  • Check out how large the water tank on the dryer is - less capacity could mean frequent emptying of the tank.

  • Does the water tank inside your compact tumble dryer have an auto cutout when the tanks full?

  • Does the dryer have different settings for clothes? Having lower heat settings can help reduce ironing drastically.

Cost of buying a compact tumble dryer (condenser)

Doing some research on the internet can be the best way to save money. Many of the supermarkets now compete quite strongly with the main electrical retailers, so it's always best to check with them as well - especially if you have one of their loyalty cards.

Second hand compact tumble dryer condenser

If you are trying to save as much money as possible, it's also worth checking in the local press and adverts in newsagents windows.You can pick up some good bargains this way, but as with anything second hand, make sure you see it in working order.

Washing machine repair shops are also another good place to get second hand bargains, and you might also be able to negotiate a discount if you are buying a washing machine as well. These shops have the advantage over a private sale as you'll get a short guarantee period if anything goes wrong with the machine.

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