You Need a Job Now. Find a Job Quickly With These Companies

With the recent economy and unemployment, you may need to find a job, and find a job quick. There are companies in Utah that often have positions available. To be honest and upfront, these companies are always hiring for a reason. Usually the work involves making phone calls either for research or for sales. This kind of work is not for everyone, but there is no law that this has to be your career for the next twenty years. And the work often pays surprisingly well.

Maybe you just need some kind of employment to make ends meet while you keep your eyes open for something more suited to your background and education. Or maybe you will find that the companies below are a great long-term fit for you. There is certainly vertical growth opportunities in these companies. Either way, check out this list of companies, visit their websites, and polish your résumé. You'll have a good chance of finding the employment you need with these job opportunities.


Summary: Marketing and sales. Outbound telephone positions with multiple shifts.
380 Technology Way, Lindon, UT 84042
Phone: 801-765-0336


Summary: Relationship management. Has work from home positions
1201 North Research Way, Orem, UT 84097
Phone: 801-765-7000


Western Wats
Summary: Market Research via telephone. Multiple shifts available
701 E Timpanogos Pkwy Bldg M, Orem, UY 84097
Phone: 801-373-7735


Harris Interactive
Summary: Political and Market research via telephone. Multiple shifts available.
1998 South Columbia Lane, Provo, UT 84097
Phone: 801-26-1524


Summary: Residential home automation company
4931 North 300 West, Provo, Utah 84604
Phone: 800-216-5232


A couple of tips to keep in mind when you are talking to the companies above. Most likely you will be interacting with customers and potential customers, so your interpersonal skills are important. Be friendly, courtious and positive. Look for the good in the situations. Above all, do not complain or bad mouth other places you've worked or people you've worked with. When you criticize or insult other people, the hiring company will know it's only a matter of time before you are criticizing and insulting them. Even worse, you may offend their customer base. So don't be complainer.

The job market is not ideal right now. Not every company has available openings. But the companies listed above can help and are ready to bring in positive people. Submit your resume and start preparing for your interviews today.