Any serious company CEO knows that when it's Christmas it is Christmas at home, it is Christmas at the mall, and it is also Christmas between the walls of his or her company.

There's no reason why such an important holiday should be ruled out of the Company's agenda, especially when it is well known that only a company that respects people's beliefs and holidays is truly a professional company.
But why exactly should a company celebrate Christmas, at least from a commercial point of view? The answer is short, simple and extremely valuable to any businessman: Popularity. A small gift sent to each and every subordinate of yours and also to all the investors and other contributors can greatly add to your Company's image. It might seem a bit costly, but in the long run it's totally worth every penny!

So which company Christmas gift options are out there? And do company Christmas gifts have to be expensive? Here are some ideas for company Christmas gifts that can fit any budget:

Bonuses. No matter how big the grins of your employees are, in their deepest minds they most likely think you would be a cooler boss if they found Christmas bonus cards and certificates under their Christmas trees. Keep in mind that it is Christmas and you can't be too Scrooge about it.
Discounts and special offers. No other way of making your customers happier, especially on Christmas. Give away discounts and special offers to your products and services, as you are guaranteed to make more profit due to the sales increase which will follow afterwards.
Christmas postcards. Nowadays a nice postcard is never missed from the Christmas presents arsenal. Taking time to choosing the right illustration and dedication will once again prove to your clients and contributors that you are a truly professional business persona. A golden tip is to send personalized postcards to those investors who helped your company the most. You can pick the same illustration for all of them, but take some time to write your own thoughts on each and every one of them.
Credit Card holders. No better option if you want to give your associates something practical and indispensable. They will not only appreciate your effort to give away serious presents, but whenever used, they will also be reminded at all times about your company. Be clever and don't misinterpret this simple, yet effective way of getting your image promoted for free.
Writing instruments. Offering writing instruments as Christmas gifts has the same effects as the offering of card holders does: It provides you with free and guaranteed publicity when you provide your target audience something to write with.
Key rings are good 'give aways' as cheap Christmas gifts. They are a subtle way of getting your company's name across. Have key rings made with your company's logo, motto or simply the name on them. Everybody needs those daily for their keys, so why not take advantage and increase your business's popularity in a discrete, and yet effective way?

You might think there's still a lot of time until Christmas, but don't wait to decide about the company Christmas gifts in late November. Take your time to consider some appropriate presents for your employees and business associates.