Organizing a successful company Christmas party is no easy task, not even for a creative person like you. Before starting to work on the Christmas party guests list, there are certain things you must take into account. Plan and decide how the party will develop:
How many people will attend the company Christmas party?
Is the party taking place at our office? How much space do you have available for such an event?
Which Christmas decorations should the premises be full of?
What should the Christmas party menu include?
What types of alcohol should be offered?
How much money should be spent on this company Christmas party?

These are some important questions which should not be omitted when you are planning a company Christmas party! You cannot risk becoming the talk of the town for neglecting your guests and their needs by inviting to a party without the proper planning.
If the location doesn't allow a large audience, then you shouldn't push your luck. It is better to have 50 people in an office for 60 than the other way around.
If you don't have the time to plan everything on your own, then you can always hire a catering company to plan the foods and drinks for you. You could also hire a company specialized in interior Christmas decorations to support you, they will be creating the proper atmosphere to your Christmas party. But in particular you can most likely get good advice and help from your employees.

If the budget allows it, then do all you can and move on to the more fun aspects of planning the company Christmas party: Focus on things which could make the company Christmas party a success that will be remembered for the next 12 months.
Entertainment. If you're not exactly sure what your party audience's preferences are when it comes to music, you can always hire a DJ to take care of that aspect for you. These guys are true professionals, as music runs through their veins just like money ideas flow through a business person's mind. Satisfaction guaranteed, as well as an entertained audience.
Dancers. If you plan inviting only adult people at the party and they're not strictly bounded to religious creeds, then you can always hire a few female and male dancers as well, to spice out the atmosphere.
Fireworks. Do not under any circumstances rule out the fireworks! At midnight, all the invited persons should be asked to follow you and step outside where a magnificent fireworks play should be taking place. This will guarantee unforgettable memories for your guests and your popularity will grow significantly!
Company's moment. If all the people on the guests list work for the company, then you shouldn't leave out that special moment when you ask the audience to pay attention to you for some serious announcements that you have to make. With some visual support in the background, in form of a digital chart screened on a wall or a PowerPoint presentation, then take a few moments to tell your co-workers about the incredible realizations your company has performed this year. It will surely strengthen your bounds and show them how much this company and they as well mean to you.
After this serious announcement, do not forget that this is a company Christmas party, and not a sales or staff meeting. Let your speech be interrupted by Santa Claus who enters with a big sack of Christmas gifts. The presents should be amusing, it could even be toys for children. The idea of toys for children and the Santa Claus' entrance is to create a friendly family like atmosphere.

You should now have some ideas regarding a company Christmas party, and how it could be organized. Do not forget that a company Christmas party is dedicated to the company and to all the people who make the company. Merry Company Christmas Party!