If you are looking for cheap electric scooters for sale, you will have plenty of options. You should have no problems finding them either, since there is so much competition on these units. How do you know if you are getting the best deal, and not just the least expensive unit? How do you compare these types of models? These are substantially different than their gas powered counterparts, making it important to know what to look for. Here's how to compare cheap electric scooters for sale.

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This may very well be the most important thing to compare when it comes to cheap electric scooters for sale. In fact, since they are actually battery powered, it only makes sense that this be the first thing to consider. If you are looking at buying a battery operated scooter for kids and want to compare the batteries, there are some particular things to consider.

Length of charge: If you buy one of these great rides with a poor battery life, you will regret it. Having to stop and recharge will zap the fun out of riding. Don't ignore the total length each charge will last, and the length of time to recharge the battery when it's dead.

Size: This will be measured in volts, and it will vary greatly on many of the most popular cheap scooters for sale. Generally speaking, the higher the voltage, the greater the power and speed. This will vary a little, but it's a pretty accurate rule of thumb to try to follow.

Replacement cost: This is one of the most important things to consider when you are looking at inexpensive scooters listed online or in stores, like the Razor eSpark. These little rechargeable batteries aren't nuclear, so they won't last forever. How long they actually last before they cannot hold a charge will vary greatly. By finding out how much a new battery is before you make your purchase, you can make a more informed decision. You will find that many companies overcharge the replacements. Of course, if you don't buy the overpriced replacement, your ride is useless.

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Physical Comparisons:

You'll find that there are stand up and sit down types of cheap electric scooters for sale. No matter which type you get, you want to make sure the sizing is appropriate. On standing models, make sure the handlebars are high enough so you don't need to bend way over. You'll have a sore back otherwise, and it's actually going to make steering and riding more difficult. On sit down models, you will want to make sure you can sit comfortably. Some cheap electric scooters for sale are so small that a twelve year old sitting on one will have his knees up in his chest. This isn't safe. There are some other things to consider as well when you are looking to compare these units and their physical specifications and capabilities.

Load capacity: Most will be under 150 pounds of total load capacity. This may be a little small for young teens, depending on their physical size. Overloading the frame can cause it to bend. If it happens while moving, it's very dangerous. Safety first on any motorized ride on toy.

Overall weight: If you are lucky enough to find an aluminum cheap electric scooter for sale, it will be much lighter. The heavier models may lose some top speed totals, but they may actually be made better. Heaver models tend to have thicker steel tubes, making them more durable.

Appearance: Some people won't care, and that's just fine. Some folks will want to get a specific color, and it shouldn't be a problem. You'll find that many of the cheap scooters for sale are available in a number of colors and styles.

About speeds:

When looking at cheap electric scooters for sale, you will want to pay special attention to top speeds, especially if you are purchasing for a child. 15 miles per hour may not sound fast, but it really is. These units have no suspension, so you'll feel every bounce. The frame is only two inches or less, so you have little clearance. If you are going 15 miles per hour, and fall off, you can die! If purchasing cheap electric scooters for sale for children, you will never want to exceed 15 miles per hour, unless there is a speed limiter. Most of these don't have them, but a few do. Believe it or not, some makers of cheap electric scooters for sale are able to get their speeds up in a fairly deceptive way with the wheels.

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About the wheels:

This should never be ignored when you are comparing cheap electric scooters for sale. Bigger and smaller wheels both have plusses and minuses to consider. There are many safety and speed factors associated with the wheels alone.

BIG WHEELS: As noted, some companies will put larger wheels on their cheap electric scooters for sale, to falsely increase the top speed. The speed will increase, but you will have much less power and take off speed. This trick is also used in the Chinese atv market, so it's nothing new. Larger wheels have greater clearance, so you won't bottom out on sidewalk cracks and dips as easily. If the wheels are actually air filled tires, which are rare, the ride will be much smoother. These are much less likely to flip if you run into a "lip" of one inch or less. Many sidewalks have heaved over time past the one inch mark.  Most manufacturers, including the most popular, Razor, use smaller wheels designed only for flat surfaces.

SMALL WHEELS: Just like the big ones, there are positive and negative aspects of smaller wheels on the cheaper models out there. Some of these have wheels the size of roller blade wheels, which is really a little too small. If you were to run into a heaved portion of sidewalk, where one section is up about an inch higher than the other, head on, you could flip the unit. Smaller wheels, on the flip side, will result in more power, and better initial takeoff speeds.

As you can see, there are several things to consider when you are looking at cheap electric scooters for sale. Take the necessary safety precautions to ensure your child's well being. Take the time to make a good decision, so you don't regret it. There are plenty of cheap electric scooters for sale out there, and now you know how to compare them.

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